Little Toks: Everyone in the Kitchen in Bea

Les Mini toques, a popular cooking competition for CM1 and CM2 students, is celebrating its 16th edition! Organized by Syndicat mixte pour la renation group (SYM) Pyrénées-Méditerranée.

This competition aims to educate children about a balanced diet and the consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables with local products.

This edition is sponsored by Masachi Lijima, Head Chef at Le 5e Péché in Collioure, for Sweet Recipes (CM1) and David Vincent, Head Chef at Le Patio Catalan in Thuir, for Savory (CM2).

A basket is imposed on each individual and they must choose at least one or two fruits and vegetables to develop their own recipe, which must be handwritten for six people, indicating the ingredients, their quantity, the course of the recipe, the dressing and giving the original name. A minimum of 1 kg of fruit or vegetables should be used. The tasting committee, made up of members of the Toques Blanches du Roussillon, will evaluate creativity, illustration and originality. In Piya, both primary schools are involved. On Tuesday, April 5th, CM1 and CM2 of the Mitterrand School gathered in a room during the meridian break, and polished their business. 10-year-old Naim chose the Orient Express: “I heard about the train and my recipe talks about the East with vegetable tagine”. The recipe is deposited in a bag to say the least original! Lina, come back Alice in Wonderland who becomes Alice in the asparagus forest. Another post for both of them. “It was a very good experience and we are trying our luck again”. 9-year-old Hania chose the theme of the music titled Soprano, a recipe based on strawberries, mangoes and berries: “I found it easy, my mum helped me as an employee”. A moment of complicity with the parents. In the meantime, Elena opted for the pantheon made with chickpeas and asparagus. Emma says she got up at 6 a.m. to finish writing her recipe. Get all the extracurricular animators involved by giving their advice. Children did not lack the imagination to put all the opportunities in their favor, hoping that they would pay off. Receipts were deposited Thursday, April 7th. The final will be held on Wednesday May 11 at Christian-Bourquin High School in Argelès-sur-Mer. The selected students will be accompanied by a student from the hotel school to assist them in their development. Results and prizes will be presented at Wednesday 25 May At Rivsalt Agricultural High School.

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