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Les Commis Luana Belmondo calls for Italian and family-friendly recipes.

In September, the recipe basket website prepares to return to the air in Italy and invites Luana Belmondo, the French’s favorite Italian chef, host of cooking shows, and author of several books to imagine 6 new Italian recipes on the menu. Guest Menu Presenting Family and Gourmet Italian Recipes With 18 recipes on the menu, 50% of which are vegetarian recipes, Les Commis has made it their mission to help families cook with pleasure without the constraints of everyday life. Sensitive to this task, Luana Belmondo, presenter of a cooking program, joined forces with the Commis Brigade at the time to imagine 6 new Italian recipes. “This is an opportunity for me to present recipes from my home country to thousands of families for 3 weeks. It is very exciting to think that these recipes will be cooked at the same time everywhere in France!”

Luana Belmondo The recipe design for baskets is an exciting challenge for the chef and a completely different exercise than what he used to do. Here, the ease of preparing the dishes is essential to ensuring the success of the service. 2 Discover recipes every week, for 3 weeks for “Dolce re-entry” Nothing better than Italian recipes to spice up the back-to-school season. Luana has created six unique recipes designed for thousands of families. A chance to spot white ragu, a cousin dish of Bolognese without tomato sauce, little known in France. Or Real Amatriciana Pasta, or Speak Sage Stuffed Veal Involtini With Parmesan Spinach Leaves! The recipes are delicious, healthy and easy to prepare. It has been designed for families and couples to make everyday life easier.

The list can be found as of August 29, 2022 at les Recipes are on the menu for the weeks of September 19, September 26 and October 3. Every week, two new Luana Belmondo recipes are signed. A simple solution to better organize your daily meals With Les Commis, organizing your daily meals has never been easier. Customers choose the recipes they want to cook, then they get recipe bags at home with fresh ingredients in the right dosage and recipe card. Customers have until Sunday 11:59 p.m. to choose from recipes for the following week.

In the menu, 18 recipes are presented, including 8 vegetarian recipes and 6 Thermomix® certified recipes. Healthy happiness!

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