Ludacris announces new LUDA episodes that CAN’T COOK on Discovery +

Legendary rapper, actor, and restaurateur Chris “Ludacris” Bridges continues his mission to master flavors and cooking techniques from around the world, in one kitchen at a time, in three episodes of Return of Discovery + series Luda Can’t Cook, Executive Produced by Record – Producer Clincher Will Packer & Bridges.

While Ludacris has always been passionate about food, he’s not known for his skills in the kitchen – but he’s determined to change that. In each one-hour episode, premiering Tuesday, February 15 at Discover+, Ludacris indulges in a specific genre of cuisine with expert guidance, including learning the basics of Haitian cuisine from Haitian-born chef Alain Lemaire and throwing a group party for guests including Chef Gregory Gordette, exploring his love for Korean food with Chef Song Hee Lee and cooking a three-course meal for Chef Edward Lee and comedian Lil Duval, visiting Little Havana for a master class in Cuban Food with James Beard Award Chef Michael Beltran nominated and Menu Chef Lorena Garcia – In addition to visiting legendary hip-hop producer Timbaland.

“After the success of Luda Can’t Cook the first time, we knew we had to bring Ludacris back to get more – he’s ready to take on any challenge, and combining his passion for food with learning new, unexpected skills is so much fun to watch,” Courtney White said, President of Food Network and Streaming Food Content, Discovery Inc. “He is determined to master cuisines from all over the world – and we are delighted to join him on this journey.”

“I put 100% in everything I do, including learning how to cook, and exploring different cuisines from around the world with world-renowned chefs has been incredible,” Ludacris said. “I am excited for viewers to experience Haitian, Korean and Cuban food with me – and to see how I put my own style into each dish.”

To begin his culinary journey, Ludacris Little visits Haiti in Miami, Florida with food on his mind. Fascinated by the resilience of Haitian society, he met Haitian-born chef Alain Lemerre to learn about the basic foundations of cuisine. Luda learns about traditional Haitian flavors and practices chicken before learning how to make some of the region’s staples and seasonings.

Lauda’s lesson culminates in a Haitian-style party, as he compiles a three-course tasting menu of the chefs who trained him, as well as masterful chef and Haitian food connoisseur Chef Gregory Gordet. In the next episode, Ludacris explores Korean food – because even though he orders Korean meals once a week, he doesn’t know the first thing about its preparation. He teamed up with Chef Seung Hee Lee in Atlanta to learn about everything this unique cuisine has to offer, from kimchi and mandu to Korean barbecue.

Once the intensive course on Korean cuisine is over, he is put to the test by cooking a three-course meal for celebrity chef Edward Lee and comedian Lil Duval. Finally, Ludacris travels to Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood to master Cuban cuisine with James Beard Award-nominated chef Michael Beltran. He learns about the Holy Trinity that is the basis of most Cuban meals, while remembering the ancient lesson that patience is a virtue. After Luda’s friend Timbaland drops, slow and low cook pressure cookers as writer and restaurateur Chef Lorena Garcia critiques Luda’s three-course menu and savors the results.

Chris “Ludacris” Bridges’ multi-talented career is best described as brilliant. As a recording artist, he has sold over 24 million albums worldwide. With an unparalleled match of lyrical acumen, wit, and imagery, Ludacris has established himself as one of the major artists in music.

His versatility and artistic sophistication have also enabled him to make a smooth transition into acting, including the starring role of “Tej” in the box office phenomenon Fast & Furious franchise. Ludacris, a skilled businessman, also enjoys success outside of entertainment. He is a restaurateur and owner of Chicken-n-Beer in Atlanta, and his philanthropic endeavors include the educational platform Kid Nation and The Ludacris Foundation, which focuses on helping young people in his hometown of Atlanta.

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