Luks, gourmet kebabs with unusual and original recipes

Written by Manon C., Photo by Manon C. Posted on Jun 30, 2022 at 6:35pm

At Lüks, the kebabs are delicious, generous and above all original. Bingo!

Forget the classic tomato and onion kebab salad. in lux, authenticity It is for! Created in 2019 by Kamal Zaoui and Nordine Barratwo street food lovers, Lüks first settled in Thirteenth District From the capital before opening a second address dedicated to sale to take away On the side of the Canal Saint Martin.

The idea behind Luks? suggest gourmet version A traditional kebab that, decades after its arrival in France, remains one of the favorite sandwiches for young gourmets – and not just after a night out! In fact, there is no time to devour a good kebaband even more when it consists of good products Sourced carefully, even local.

Lux KebabLux KebabLux Kebab

That’s fine, because that’s how it is at Luks! with fresh vegetables Today, homemade sauces, artisan bread And from here Meat with flawless trackingfrom a famous butcher, marinated for 24 hours in a secret marinade, Lüks kebabs can be savored with your eyes closed.

Cornelian’s First Choice of the Day: How do you eat that kebab? in Piein Homemade soft bread or in version Plate, the new format available at Luks? The second dilemma: we fall for what Recipe ? It must be said that Lüks recipes all compete of creativity !

Lux KebabLux KebabLux KebabLux Kebab

on the map, 9 permanent recipes and one Regularly updated recipe, to make room for all the madness. along with traditional kebab (€8.90) with salad – tomatoes – onions but garnished with red cabbage and feta cheese as in kebab berlinFor lovers of sweet and savory, let’s mention the honey goat cheese (€8.90), fuego (€9.90) with cheddar and jalapeño sauce that warms the taste buds, halloumi cheese (€9.90) with this Cyprus cheese, now the star of planchas, or tartufo (16.90€) , with stracciatella di burrata and black truffle shavings.

favorite of the moment recipe, pistachio (14.90€), with pistachio sauce, red onion pickles and yellow zucchini for freshness, Stracciatella de Burata For the super comforting creamy side, and a nice handful of chopped pistachio On top for crunch and color. In the pancake version, the kebab looks like a small plate !

Lux KebabLux KebabLux KebabLux Kebab

You will understand , kebab want me to be here generous and innovativeFar from such clichés. Moreover, we slipped into the atrium that a The third kebab look It should open, next summer!

This test was performed as part of a professional invitation. If your experience differs from yours, please let us know in the comments.

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