Make a homemade spread, we give you the recipe

He had better warn the scalable giant! Isabel Canadas had a racket in one hand and spoon in the other, and for the first time on Thursday afternoon tried to turn the audience into a healthy recipe for body and mind.

In front of her, inside the Maison du lac de Tanneron, eleven galley employees for the least order. “Kids are used to ‘chemicals,’ processed, and industrial. I partnered with my grandson to show him the real products tasted like”Justifies Brigitte Bodet. Maxines, he seems skeptical at the moment. “I love Nutella. I almost finished the jar on Thursday!”

So the product from Tannery will have to redouble its efforts to impress the taste of the five children and six older children. She accepted the challenge.

Unbeatable arguments

“I suggest that you make a spread on the same basis as Nutella, not to mention that it is chocolate and hazelnut. However, my recipe will have nothing to do with the industrial product, everything I cook is reduced in sugar, salt and fat. After that, there are no preservatives at all” . The arguments made by the creator of Lady’s Jam and Co seem really compelling.

Well almost. Some registrars seem disappointed not to be able to get behind the stove with her. “I am convinced that people should participate in a workshop”Monique Didelot, The Good. She gets up, puts on gloves, and helps him break the chocolate. Don’t Break Up Isabelle Canada: “We need specific permissions and approvals. I don’t have the means to do that…” so sad.

At the end of the recipe, they still let the pitchers get their hands dirty. Especially their fingers! Camille, 8, swallows the rest of the dough from the bowl. Her brother Maxime follows her. others too. “Did you see? We’re doing the dishes for you.”5-and-a-half-year-old boy smiles. Forget the critics. Everyone is occupied!

the recipe!

To make Isabelle Canadas Chocolate and Hazelnut, you will need:

– 2 glass jars of 200 grams each

– 100 grams of hazelnuts

– 1 tablespoon hazelnut oil

130gm dark chocolate

– 20 cl of soy cream for cooking

2 bags of vanilla sugar.

Before getting started, Isabelle Canadas recommends starting, the day before you make the buttercream, by roasting the hazelnuts for 10 minutes in the oven at 150 degrees.

On the long-awaited day, chocolate, soy cream and vanilla sugar melt in a bain-marie. “Be careful, the temperature should not be too hot or the chocolate will cook and won’t melt”Lady’s Jam and Co., product creator warns. Meanwhile, mix the cooled hazelnuts until a paste forms.

Here again, a little tip from the cook: “You have to stop regularly to reconfigure downwards so that everything is mixed evenly and there are no big lumps left. When the dough is spinning on its own in the mixer, this is perfect.”

Mix the two preparations, pour them into jars … It’s ready!

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