Manufacturers will be able to modify…

The country, which at the end of April allowed manufacturers to temporarily adjust the composition of some food products to replace sunflower oil, which was in short supply after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is doing the same for cosmetics, according to a Wednesday statement.

The Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) announced in a press release that it will grant a “limited number of temporary exemptions from certain classification obligations” to cosmetic manufacturers. whose composition must be adjusted “in a period of time inconsistent with the printing of new packaging”.

This measure is intended to “ensure the continuity of supply of the products in question,” explains the DGCCRF, which provides for ensuring “consumer safety and quality information.” After examining the request of specialists, he may grant an exemption for a maximum period of six months, which is the period necessary to match the packaging with the new composition of the product.

In the meantime, with a three-month tolerance, manufacturers will have to indicate on the packaging a change in the recipe, without necessarily specifying which one. For food products, for example, some carry a mention of “DEROG”, which indicates a change in the recipe, which consumers will be able to identify on the DGCCRF website.

Changes to recipes can only be made if they do not jeopardize the safety of the consumer and if there are proven difficulties in supply. If claims that play an essential role in consumer choice (eg “organic”, “natural origin”, “vegetarian” or mention of the content of this ingredient, DGCCRF list) are on the packaging and are not true after a recipe has been changed, they will have to be explicitly modified.

The DGCCRF website area listing recipe changes in food has nearly 4,000 references concerned on Wednesday afternoon: chips, sauces, processed products, prepared fish or desserts, for example. Sunflower is also found in many products, such as chocolate, in the form of an additive lecithin.

The industrialists had taken over Percy’s services in the spring to alert the supply tensions of sunflower oil, and to ask permission to modify recipes. Ukraine, which provided 50% of world trade in sunflower oil, is no longer able to export it due to the war that closed its ports.

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