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It is often said that cooking is a matter of the heart. But it also captures the story of family, memory, and transition. This is what Marina Orsini shows us in a work on the border between the autobiography and the book of recipes, greedy ! My family recipes. With all the warmth and generosity we know, the actress and hostess opens her family’s recipe book to us and reveals parts of a secret garden she’s been growing since childhood.

As far as you can remember, Marina Orsini has always had the nickname “Gourmandee”. It must be said that she grew up in close-knit beds and tables, small or large, covered with good plates. As she wrote in the preamble to her first book, which has just been published: “I grew up around a table. […] We have always come together on evenings of great celebrations, but also because the table is a place of encounters, exchanges, discussions, laughter, love … and sometimes great sadness. »

So Marina remembers many memories related to family meals, as well as the preparations that precede them. She recalls the garden her father tended every day, buying peppers at the Jean Talon market before making fruit ketchup, and the festive days when her family gathered to prepare tomato cole, prosciutto, sausage and wine while chewing wine-washed cheese. “Everyone left there with the groceries that were stored in the cold room that every good Italian in Montreal has,” she says.

The idea for a book honoring this family of living creatures with Italian and Scottish roots, which also fed from Quebec’s French culinary culture, has been in Marina Orsini’s head for years. In fact, since her mother’s death, she has disappeared just like her precious book of handwritten recipes that never left her. “So I wanted to leave something tangible for my son Thomas and the other children in my family,” she explains. This is a gourmet necklace that sets us apart so well. Because that’s what I’ve been feeding him, and so is affection. All of this made me who I am today. »

Four women in his life

The hostess does not hide that four women influenced her cooking. “I have four mothers,” she says. We have always had a somewhat matriarchal family where women were numerous and played a major role in our daily lives in Phil Emard. »

Who were or are these inspiring women, whose main recipes make up the first part of the book greedy ? His mother first. A wonderful hostess who loves to have fun, eat Chinese dishes and silver, and every year she competes in a friendly way with Aunt Marina at Christmas for the award for the best lasagna. “It was a great project, this dish! She remembers. It took two days to prepare, including hours of rolling the little meatballs that made up. But what a delight!”

Marina Orsini was also accompanied by her aunt Marguerite, “a fan of large, well-stocked tables, where she was always a party.” Also written by Nana, her former French mother-in-law, who kept very close, “who cooked divinely with almost nothing. I had the pleasure of seeing her talk about butter and cream, and her scrambled eggs tasted like marrow bones,” says Marina. Her cousin Jose, a woman united with stewed meats and legendary pizza, counts her fourth source of inspiration in the kitchen.

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Marina Orsini does not hide the fact that her cooking was clearly influenced by four mentors, but also friends. “I’m not making this up,” she said. I take recipes that I like, and I modify others. »

In the second part of her book, the hostess already offers a recipe for Sister Angèle’s pie dough. But it also shares some of what makes it up He hitslike a staple of basmati rice on his table, a spaghetti sauce that his son adores—“he can eat it every day, even when he wakes up in the morning!”—his butter chicken with ginger curry or tiramisu. She confesses, laughing: “My family hasn’t been a big dessert, but since… I got pregnant, as soon as they offered it to me, I want it.”

Concretely, of the fifty recipes that make up the book greedy !, the good half represents Marina’s personal legacy to her family, and more generally to gourmets who like to arrange their meals with classic dishes that are often easy to prepare and keep. For the many images and anecdotes that permeate this book, they refer us to the main message Marina would like to share: “Let us be greedy in life! We only have one to live, and we must make full use of it. So let us be greedy in everything!”

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