Meat-free skewers for urgent testing

How to make skewers without meat?

Gone are the days when barbecue queens were only sausages and steaks. From now on, the barbecue adopts new symbols and also invites skewers of grilled and sea vegetables on the grill.

Vegetarian option

With the abundance of vegetables available in summer, there is no shortage of skewer possibilities! Between zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and some fruits, such as watermelon and pineapple, that hold up to flames wonderfully, you will enjoy them.

To attach to the skewers, be careful to chop the largest fruits and vegetables into thick cubes or slices. In the meantime, pepper should be cut into large strips or in half, depending on the size of the skewers. And if you want to add tomatoes, choose cherry tomatoes, which will slide all the way through.

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Another possibility, tofu and tempeh, also supports barbecue cooking. If you haven’t tasted it before, now is the time to give it a try.

Sea cucumber

During the summer, you generally feel cravings for marine flavors. Instead of opting for steamed or oven-roasted fish, opt for grilling. Cubed salmon or tuna, whole prawns, squid… There is still a huge variety of recipes available to you.
The only difficulty to keep in mind is that some seafood is particularly sensitive to cooking. Octopus, for example, needs a long pre-cook in water before it can be grilled, while scallops are crisp and can be cooked very quickly. Do not leave them for more than 2 minutes on each side on the grill and 1 minute on the plancha.

cheese cucumber

We rarely think about it, but cheese also has its place in our grills. Especially if you know how to choose it. In fact, not all of their types are suitable for the shape of skewers. Take Camembert, which is an excellent flame-roasted whole. But try to slide it into pieces on skewers and disaster will be guaranteed. With the heat, the core will sink and submerge the grill. Therefore, for the sake of your devices, we recommend grilling cheeses instead, such as halloumi and feta.

The art of marinades and sauces

We can always count on a good marinade to heat our skewers. Depending on soy sauce, lemon or coconut milk, let the inspiration of the moment take you. Unless you prefer dry marinades, which will form a delicious caramelized spice crust when cooked.
Finally, as for serving, we don’t hesitate to offer our homemade sauces. Mayonnaise, sesame, yogurt and peanut sauce will brighten up the meal.

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