Mistakes you shouldn’t make when cooking a blanche

Creamy sauce, crunchy vegetables and tender meat. Here we get to know the characteristics of the famous BLUNKIT! We love to eat it, even if cooking is not an easy task…here we tell you what not to do!

Blanket, this traditional French dish that everyone knows how to fill our stomachs and warm our hearts. If veal is used a lot, it can also be made with poultry or fish. If the recipe seems simple, you still have to be careful… We know how many mistakes can be made in the kitchen by mistake. Meat that is too dry, the sauce is too liquid… To avoid committing it, we give you a short list of things you should not do when cooking a blancket.

meat selection


The meat remains the basis of the blunket. So choose your meat wisely! How many times have we finished with meat that is too old and hardens during cooking? The first step is to ask the butcher for advice. If you don’t have a trusted butcher, you’ll recognize good veal by its very pale pink and glossy white fat. Moreover, we strongly advise you to choose the following cuts: neck, open rib, loin, shoulder or even leg. Even better idea, toss these cuts of meat together for more flavor in your dish!


For white poultry, turkey or chicken breasts are the most commonly used. But if the cooking is poorly controlled, the meat often turns out to be dry. why ? It is less fat than veal and takes less time to cook. And to choose it well, look at the names, origin and type of food. Finally, to rest the poultry meat, you should prepare a strong broth. The ideal way is to make it at home from the carcass and vegetables (carrots, onions, garlic, leeks), but you can also use bouillon cubes.


This original alternative also has its own cooking and fish selection requirements. Our two favorites: scallops and salmon. These two fish are perfect for a festive meal. Salmon is the more ideal of the two because it is quite greasy and less prone to drying out. Unlike meat, it is better to avoid forgetting the fish meat on the fire. We advise you to stick to the flavors of the sea for your broth. Shrimp broth, short broth or other, you have the choice!
By letting it cook in the broth for too long, you will present a fish in a thousand pieces. You won’t have blanckets anymore, but fish soup! Remember to take it out of the casserole as soon as it’s cooked if you want to let the broth thicken well over the heat.

the sauce

very liquid sauce

That happens a lot in making the sauce too liquid. You probably added a lot of water when you started cooking. If the meat must be covered well for blanching, do not abuse the quantity. Remember that you will be reusing the water from your broth. To save this simple mistake, dilute a little bit of potato or corn starch in a little water or milk! We assure you that it works every time. You can also use a mullet manicure, i.e. make a small paste of half butter and half flour that you let melt into the sauce. Quantities vary depending on the consistency of your sauce, do it little by little until you don’t end up with something too thick!

Too thick of sauce

exactly ! What do you do when you have a very thick sauce? Several errors can lead to this result. Put the flour directly into the pan for example, or simply put it too much… Fortunately, it’s just a small setback. Very thick sauce dissolves easily. A little water, milk or liquid cream to your taste and desires, gradually introduce into the pan and you’re done! Your sauce is saved!

curd sauce

It’s not over, have you ever had sour sauce? If this has happened to you before, you are probably putting the sour substance (lemon juice or vinegar) directly into the pot on the stove. By adding acid to the sauce with a milk base, we create the phenomenon of coagulation and quail sauce. This reaction is accelerated by heat. So if your sauce gets stuck, it will spin faster! In this case, quickly remove the pan from the heat! Add a little ice water or put the sauce in a water bath with very cold water. Now all that remains is to whisk vigorously. The sauce should regain its previous consistency.

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