Mitsubishi Launches Re-engineered Renault Clio and Captur, Simplistic!

The thread is a bit big. Mitsubishi wants to relaunch it in Europe with two new models…. Which didn’t cost him much. The new Japanese Colt, announced on Tuesday, April 5, will have nothing more than a redesigned Renault Clio V at the front and will be produced alongside it at the diamond company’s Turkish site in Bursa. The Colt is manufactured as of the summer of 2023, and will be launched in the fall of the same year. While the three-diamond brand was scheduled to withdraw from Europe, it is not making a strategic change. “The new Colt will enable Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) to significantly increase its coverage of the European market,” the statement said. A hybrid version similar to the Clio E-Tech will also be launched.

Colt will follow another model, the Mitsubishi ASX mini SUV. This, which will appear in the spring of 2023, will be a replica – save for the front part – of the Renault Captur 2. It will be manufactured like its brother at Renault’s Spanish plant in Valladolid. The French are gaining additional production volumes and hence economies of scale. Renault built 205,700 Clios versus in Bursa last year and another 32,130 in Novo Mesto in Slovenia. Diamond also made 150,000 captors across the Pyrenees in 2021.

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