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Passed out the greatest houses to practice, Adele Borden He now runs the Petit Victor Hugo bar, Groupe Bertrand’s new acquisition.

To make up for the spookiest day of the year, she gives us a touch of Angevin’s sweetness with her cocktail in fall colors.

Ingredients :

Self-taught in the world of cocktails, Hugo Sasdjian He is passionate about mixology. All of their cocktails are made with high quality raw products while respecting seasonality.

Hugo-Sasdjian Cocktail

Recipe :

– 4 cl fresh beet juice
– 4 cl of white Liliette infused with CBD
– 1.5 cl of lychee syrup
– 1.5 cl of guillotine vodka

Available on request at La Noceria, tapas and cocktail restaurant, 58 rue Daburquer 75002, in Paris

Signed by Pierre Martin Neuhaus and Gregoire Suchchko

Apple lover and owner of Domaine de Cockerelle, Pierre Martin Neuhaus He was determined to change the face of Calvados. Born and raised in Paris, Pierre gained valuable life experience by studying and working in the United States and then in India before returning to his roots in October 2014 to join the Normandy family distillery, at the helm of Coquerel calvados since 1937. He took the reins of the distillery, and became Passionate about all production processes, he decided to combine Norman knowledge with spices from his most dazzling country, India, in order to create Normandia Jane.


With a unique heritage acquired from his grandfather and father, who have spent their entire careers in the spirits industry, building global brands and distilleries in France (Cognac, Armaniac, Brandy and Calvados), Pierre forges his own path by reviving the highly regarded spirit, but It is not yet recognized at its true value.

Recipe :

  • – 4 cl Coquerel Fine Pale
  • – 1 cl Pommeau Coquerel
  • – 1.5 centiliter of coffee drink
  • – 1 centiliter of Fernet Branca Minta
  • – 2 dash absinthe
  • – 1 dash of cocoa bitter

Available on request at Ours Bar, 8 rue Paradis, 75010 in Paris

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