Montpellier: NUPES with We Are No Recipe for Town Council

Alenka Doulain regularly opposes Michel Delavos in the Montpellier City Council. (© CN/Metropolitan (archive))

This Tuesday, June 28, during Town councilAnd the Alinka DoolinMunicipal movement leader weAnnounce the creation of the group Popular ecologist and social union in Montpellierthe change in assembly you implemented left forces during legislative. At present, after the domestic rejection of the parties that accepted the national agreement, it is to fail.

Legislative continuation

We were curious to see the impact of national politics locally and especially in Montpellier. The creation of NUPES already caused the first explosion with the nominations of Socialist dissidents in several constituencies, including that of Herault. city ​​chief Michael Delavos It was then a headwind against this alliance due to the great ideological differences with rebellious France.

If, despite victorious speeches, the results were not up to the ambitions of NUPES – unless you want to make Jean-Luc Melenchon Tour guide from the assembly, over prime minister – Alenka Dolain presented his analysis and attacked the mayor of Montpellier: “You are now a minority in this city despite the great efforts of the municipal majority.” The majority also count in their ranks EELV and PCF who take charge while they nonetheless support NUPES in Montpellier unlike PS.

Former municipal candidate contacts abusive : “If it comes only to your failure, the opponent that I am happy with, but sad and that is what lives in us for the people of Montpellier. While they were waiting for the minimum wage of 1,500 euros, I chose to mobilize against this historic agreement by the forces of the left; When they needed an economic recovery plan, I chose to demonize NUPES and co-manage the political debate.While our city needs measures to respond to the climate emergency, you lip service to NUPES applications.Your personal mistakes and lack of clarity Present three deputies from Macron to our city.If some are disappointed I see an explanation from my side.

group of three

Which is why, with Clothelde Ollier (a former municipal candidate under three different ratings: EELV, then quitting in the first round and breaking up with those former supporters with Mohamed Altrad in the second) and Flora Laborier (former PS spokeswoman, second on Moed’s cruiser list), Alenka Doulain is Union of Montpellier Populaire Ecologist et Social group.

By specifying that if elected to his list, the three dissenting councilors were not part of the “heart and deed” group made up of Mohamed Altrad – whose passage to the council resembles a ring of Rendezvous in Unknown Land – Serge Josephine and Salem Djohri. we Even called Mohammed Altrad to resign. As for Floria Laborier, for some time she had been playing around with the intention of joining the municipal majority.

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“We invite elected officials frustrated with the irresponsibility of a renegade mayor to come together to convey the message of Montpellier’s voters within the city council, around three main themes: grassroots ecology, social justice, and democracy. Real” Alenka Doulain launched… Like a bottle in the sea.

surprise among the communists

The call that has not yet found any positive response among the profiles participating in NUPES. Nicolas Cousang, administrative secretary of the French Communist Party, was the first to express his astonishment. “We learned with astonishment the creation of the NUPES group in the Montpellier city council by Alenka Doulain, Clotilde Ollier and Flora Labourier. This singular approach by three councilors, elected on the list of billionaire Mohamed Altrad, cannot be part of the NUPES electoral agreement that Committed by the French Communist Party in legislative elections.

Nicolas Kosang, PCF Administrative Secretary, presenting the NUPES candidates from Herault.
Nicolas Kosang, PCF Administrative Secretary, presenting the NUPES candidates from Herault. (© CN/Metropolitan)

Excited to introduce Herault’s nominees to Knobswho was the only communist Gabriel Blasco who was also defeated in the Seventh District of Herault, puts Nicolas Cousange in context: “This agreement made it possible to unite the left without, unfortunately, allowing it to achieve its goal of electing a majority of the National Assembly. On the other hand, the creation of this group , unlike the majority PS / PCF / EELV in Montpellier Town Hall, is a very bad signal that has been sent to those working for the unity of the left. Especially at a time when the far right is achieving historic results, including on the territory of the capital.”

By asking them to change their names, the CFP circuit secretary judges harshly that “their approach is nothing more or less than a political process to erase the electoral alliance against nature that allowed them to get elected.”

“Very serious both politically and morally”

Jean Montpellier together! 34, of EELV and PCF reacted in a joint declaration by presenting their analysis: “This agreement made it possible to carry out a dynamic, broad, mass and combative campaign. It made the election of a large number of deputies, including Nathalie Oziol, Sylvain Carrier and Sebastian Roma in Hérault. This political alliance prevented Macron from obtaining an absolute majority in the National Assembly alliance So he made it possible to prevent Macron’s anti-social and climate policy for the time being, which is nothing. Either the cup is half empty for Alenka Dolin and the cup is half full for EELV and PCF who didn’t see either of their candidates win (Julia Mignacca at 34-3 and Gabriel Blasco at 34-7).

Former allies who are not tender in denunciation No dialogue Regarding the composition of this group: “Of course it might make you want a department where 9 out of 9 NUPES candidates were in the second round, in a city where NUPES is by far the number one political force, to try that proper name. But no one, not a group, You can solicit the name of this alliance, or try to transform it, without the consent of the main powers that make up it.There is clearly no agreement.

For these three political formations, the undoubted conclusion: “It is therefore impossible for this municipal trio to claim the right to call themselves NUPES or MUPES by manipulating the name of this alliance of which we are the signatories of this press release, made left.” There, too, they are legally required to change their name: “Failure to do so would be extremely politically and morally dangerous” and the result: “As a result, unfortunately there is no NUPES, or derivative, group in the Montpellier Municipal Council.” Only the majority consist of PS, EELV, PC, PRG…

Paved in the pond or the bottle in the sea?

After this announcement, Mikhail Delavos administratively commented: “Obviously, according to the bylaws of the Municipal Council, from the moment there are three of you, you are recognized as a group. I take note of your desire to be a builder. ” The pier in the pond on which Alenka Doulain contemplates takes the form of a bottle thrown into the sea hoping to destabilize the municipal majority hoping to rip a few elected officials into their nets… the municipal elections.

Will the opposition mayor’s chancellor try it now in the capital where she can hope to get more support from some elected officials such as Rene Rivol, loyal Lieutenant Jean-Luc Mélenchon and alternate Nathalie Oziol, the new MP NUPES from the second constituency? In 2017, Philippe Sorrell played the game of political groups in the metropolitan council, thus the dawn of regional cooperation. A victim of that time, the mayor of Grabels now has all the keys to the Régie Publique des Eaux. Will he agree to lose her again when he is now among the culprits in this feud? Nothing less confident.

The year 2026 is still far away

If history is already looking at many heads, 2026 is still a long way off with the added condition of this new group from Montpellier that NUPES hold its own in the National Assembly and continue until then. If this is the case, it may really be necessary to judge this political coup. Otherwise, they will only have to change their names and adapt the discourse to the circumstances…Citizens wash, green wash…The remaining voters, far from being deceived, are now accustomed to discrediting political parties. A comment on Twitter sums up the remaining impression: “NUPES without EELV, without the Socialist Party, without the Communist Party? But don’t you just want to call yourself us?”. Or simply La France Insoumise…

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