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Easter Holiday. Easter is considered the most important celebration of Christianity, for many it is an opportunity to gather around a good meal or hunt for chocolate eggs, bunnies and other bells. Recipes, meaning and symbolism.. we tell you everything.

[Mis à jour le 17 avril 2022 à 17h40] It is a primary holiday in the Christian calendar: Easter. But for those who have a sweet tooth, it is also an unexpected opportunity to eat dishes, each one more delicious than the other. There is no shortage of recipes to suit the occasion. From Easter lamb to eggs, bells and other chocolate bunnies, there is something for everyone. It’s a real treat for the little ones who are sure to go on an Easter egg hunt. Find out below our recipe ideas, the many egg hunts staged this weekend and the symbolism of eggs, chocolates, and bunnies.

But by the way, where does this tradition of Easter bells come from? According to tradition, the children were told that the bells would be blessed by the Pope in Rome and that when they returned on Easter, they would ring and scatter eggs and bells in the gardens. The rabbit tradition comes from eastern France and Germany. Easter bunny, named Osterhase, It is a symbol of fertility and renewal in Germanic pagan traditions. In German-speaking Lorraine and Alsace, it is the Easter bunny who lays eggs in the gardens.

At Easter, lamb, rabbit and eggs are the three star products of the traditional meal. Easter meat is the most traditional option for your menu. For those who do not like lamb, choose a rabbit. Vegetarians prefer eggs! At Easter, in addition to a menu that includes traditional dishes such as lamb and chocolate eggs, you can also prepare innovative dishes. Find below several recipes, as well as their meanings.

Easter lamb: how to cook it?

It’s up to you to choose the piece, between shoulder, leg, rack or lamb chops, and discover the recipe that gives you the most hydration:

What if we took advantage of this holiday to succumb to the gluttony of good homemade eggs? Making chocolate Easter eggs is not complicated, but molds are needed, and you need at least 3 hours to spare. Discover our best chocolate or sugar Easter egg recipes below:

Best Easter Chocolate Recipes

Discover also our recipe, simple and easy to prepare, Homemade Easter Chocolate via this tutorialOr, check out our best recipes on the topic:

Easter 2022
Easter chocolate bunny. © –

What are the different Easter cake recipes?

Know that chocolate eggs aren’t the only Easter treat. If you want to stay in the tradition, choose Small Alsatian Easter lamb baptized osterlamele. These baby lambs, rich in eggs, are originally served the morning after Easter mass. Tradition says that it is topped with a small banner of paper napkins in Alsatian colours. If you want to stay in the spirit of chocolate bunnies, why not make Easter carrot cakes in the shape of bunnies or Easter carrot cake, which are a must-have among Englishmen? For those who prefer chocolate cupcakes, try the chocolate Easter nest, the Oreo-shaped chocolate Easter cupcakes or the orange-flavored Bavaro and garnished with chocolate eggs… yum! And if you want to be more creative, why not get animal shaped molds like lamb? Don’t forget to decorate the cupcakes with Easter eggs or little chicks!

Did you know that the egg has been a symbol of renewal for thousands of years? It was customary for the Egyptians or the Romans to present an egg, to signify life, at the time of spring. If in the Middle Ages the Church forbade eating eggs during Lent, they were kept and decorated at the end of the fast. in the eighteenthAnd century, the eggs were emptied to be filled with chocolate at the end of the Lenten fast. This is how the first chocolate eggs appeared, a tradition that has continued over time with techniques that offer different flavors and shapes. Nowadays Russian and Ukrainian Easter eggs are real works of art, with incredible patterns and colors, sometimes depicting the cross of Christ. They are blessed before they are given to their loved ones.

In Russia or Ukraine, the tradition is to paint Easter eggs with a hot wax brush and natural dye baths. © Anneke / Adobe Stock

It’s time to delight the children, who will be able to make Easter eggs with decorations. Check out our fact sheet Easter egg: how to paint and decorate it? to your brushes!

Between the evening of Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday, church bells do not ring as a sign of mourning. But on the night of Saturday until Easter, they begin to ring to announce the joy of Christ’s resurrection. According to tradition, the children were told that the bells would be blessed by the Pope in Rome and that when they returned, on Easter, they would ring eggs and bells in the gardens. The rabbit tradition comes from eastern France and Germany. Easter bunny, named Osterhase, It is a symbol of fertility and renewal in Germanic pagan traditions. In German-speaking Lorraine and Alsace, it is the Easter bunny who lays eggs in the gardens.

  • to me Paris, Secours Populaire organizes a solidarity egg hunt for Ukrainian refugees in André Citroën Park, located in the 15th arrondissement of the capital. The cost of a fishing license is five euros for accompanied children. Many other activities are organized and accessible thanks to this same permit. In Provence, 8000 chocolate eggs were hidden in a medieval town. This egg hunt game is accessible to up to the age of 10, and it’s free.
  • to me LionsCitizenKid is back with its biggest Easter egg hunt, in the form of a family treasure hunt at the Parc de la Tête d’Or in Lyon on Sunday, April 17 and Monday, April 18, 2022. The event is under registration.
  • to me Toulouse, Easter Egg Hunt is organized by Citizenkid on Sunday 17th April 2022 at a racetrack, in a theme park, in a castle, on the farm…Registration required. For the adventurous, Gouffre de Padirac organizes a unique treasure hunt, 103 meters underground!
  • to me MarseilleThe bravest adventurers are invited to La Barben Zoo to take part in a massive Easter egg hunt. If there are many chocolates at stake, then the luckiest will be able to get their hands on the golden egg or two silver eggs! Not far from Marseille, in Lambesc, COFALS also organizes a free hunt for 1000 eggs on Monday 18 April. As in the Château de Merville, the Grimmland Park of Giant Labyrinths in La Roque d’Anthéron organizes exceptional egg hunts all weekend, in an atmosphere close to Alice in Wonderland. Entry price is 14.50 euros. To participate in fishing, you will have to pay 3.50 euros more.
  • to me BordeauxThe National Customs Museum organizes a hunt for mysterious eggs for children aged 5-7 years. It’s about finding the animal that laid the giant egg for display in the museum. The kids will have to unravel the mystery and then get rid of the eggs hidden in the museum. A surprise awaits who finds the golden egg!
  • in Strasbourg, Rivetoile Shopping Center is organizing a giant egg hunt on Saturday, April 16 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Finally, the bakers of the Strasbourg Foundation organize an unprecedented egg hunt. Participating bakers plastered an “egg hunt” poster on their shop window.

In Paris and in the region, large parks, zoos and castles open their doors to you. If you take a trip to Alsace, celebrate Easter in the purest traditions of Colmar, with its markets and craft fairs. For those who want to have fun, the Foire du Trône, Europe’s largest fairground, opens its doors in Paris, and if not, why not join in an escape game with friends? Find all of our original ideas below:

To fully understand Easter, we must first start from the legacy of Jewish, Christian, and also pagan traditions and beliefs. Easter is one of the major Christian holidays today. But it borrowed its name from the Jewish holiday, Passover, which takes place at the same time. Two celebrations do not have the same meaning. In the Jewish religionEaster is the “feast of feasts”. It commemorates the escape of the Hebrew people from Egypt, who were subjected to slavery in the time of Pharaoh. According to the Bible and the Book of Exodus, on the day of Passover, the Red Sea had opened to allow Moses and the Hebrews to pass, and Pharaoh’s armies pursued them, thus allowing them to reach the Promised Land of Israel. Therefore, Passover represents the birth of the people of Israel and is intended, more broadly, to be a celebration of freedom. In Hebrew, Passover is called “Passover” which means a passage.

The Christian Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. According to the Gospels, Christ’s death and resurrection occur around the time of the Jewish Passover, which explains why the Christian feast is borrowed by the same name. For Christians, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, three days after his death, and the “crossover” to eternal life. But Easter, manifold, also commemorates Christian believers with the events leading up to Jesus’ rebirth (the Last Supper or Meal, Christ’s Passion marks his arrest and death). It is one of the most important holidays of the year – for the Orthodox, the most important – which extends throughout Holy Week. Easter is the center of the Christian faith.

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