Natural Fabric Softener Bath Towel

In addition to softening fabrics thanks to its natural ingredients, homemade fabric softener eliminates unpleasant odors, leaving fabrics fresh and pleasant to the touch. So it is the perfect solution to treat the problems of rough towels or smelly fabrics caused by bacteria. Towels are among the fabrics most affected by these problems, as they are naturally absorbent and tend to stay wet for a long time. Here’s how to make a file Grandma’s recipe natural bath towel softener with proven efficacy.

Natural Towel Softener Based on White Vinegar – Why Use This Ingredient for Flawless Laundry?

When choosing towels for the home, the focus is usually on the softness and thickness of the textiles. In fact, the thicker it is, the softer the towels. But often, after the first wash, the towels lose these qualities and become thin and coarse.

The gesture many people adopt at this time is to use commercial fabric softener for their laundry. However, according to bath towel manufacturers, this gesture is unpopular for a simple reason. Fabric softeners are special products that are made to be incorporated into textiles. Towels, on the other hand, are made of naturally absorbent textiles and are generally more absorbent than other textiles. As a result, we bet on a commercial softener, and risk making the towels coarser and less soft, because a significant portion of the products will remain in the fabric.

To treat this condition, it is recommended to use a natural towel softener based on white vinegar.

Grandma’s Recipe for Natural Bath Towel Softener

Natural fabric softener for towels

Vinegar based natural towel softener is a product that has been used for years by people who want to prefer more natural solutions for their laundry. Like Marseille soap used for washing clothes, white vinegar is a handy, accessible product. It does not contain additives and is therefore suitable for people with sensitive skin as well as for people with allergies.

Contrary to popular belief, this product will not make laundry smell like vinegar. In fact, the smell of this product dissipates very quickly, at the same time as washing. When you take out your bath towels, you will find that they are odor-free. And yes, white vinegar also has the power to get rid of bad odors caused by bacteria.

Natural fabric softener with white vinegar

You can easily make your own natural towel softener from two simple ingredients: water and white vinegar. The two components must be mixed before using them in the following proportions: one part of white vinegar and one part of water.

For example, for a bottle of natural bath towel softener, mix 200ml of white vinegar and 400ml of water. Pour the mixture into a bottle and use it before you start washing with the washing machine product of your choice.

Additional tips and tricks

Natural towel softener recipe

To find out the basic recipe, here are some tips and tricks for preparing it and for using natural fabric softener.

Should baking soda be added when washing bath towels?

Some people recommend adding 2 tablespoons to the recipe. in s. baking soda (about 18 g). However, be aware that this ingredient does not work well with white vinegar. In fact, the baking soda will neutralize the vinegar. As we know, acids and bases neutralize each other in chemistry. For this reason, we advise you to avoid using both ingredients in the same recipe.

How do you get the benefits of baking soda and vinegar at the same time?

How to wash your towels to keep them soft

Baking soda is a very useful product for washing textiles, and bath towels in particular. It naturally removes odors, softens textiles, and helps whiten whites. Suddenly you can use it in the washing machine making sure it doesn’t mix with vinegar. For example, you can put baking soda in the compartment of a washing machine product and pour fabric softener into the compartment for that type of product.

For towels that are particularly difficult to clean and deodorize, you can run a first cycle with baking soda and a second with natural fabric softener made with white vinegar.

Tips for preparing and using natural bath towel softener

This recipe can be used for washing machine and hand washing.

To prepare it, first mix water with half a liter of vinegar. Stir well until the product becomes homogeneous. Once this is done, we recommend storing it in a plastic bottle. Our eco-friendly, organic fabric softener is ready to use.

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