New Eco, at Côte-d’Or Sinter-Mat turns mineral powder into a recipe for success

Montbard gets 6 million euros for expansion. This is the beautiful story of Sinter-Mat, a thriving SME with 21 employees. She was born in 2018, and her growth is amazing. This company manufactures precision metal parts for aeronautics, jewelry, weapons, and industry. The manufacturing process for these metal parts was designed by a university researcher from the Côte d’Or on the Dijon Campus. Fouad Al-Naimi, founder and president of this small and medium-sized company He holds a PhD in metallurgy.

France Bourgogne: Give us some examples of your work

Fouad Al-Naimi, founder of Sinter-Mat : In watchmaking, it would be the middle part or bezel of a watch. At the aviation level, these are structural parts or engine parts. For defense, these are, for example, armor plates. In industry, these are, for example, oil drilling heads.

Do you start with powder to make things?

Yes, we use any type of powder. For a metal body, watch case type, we’ll start with a metallic powder. But it can be ceramics, carbides, compounds and precious metals. We will compress it under the influence of temperature and pressure. Research and development was carried out to bring it to the industrial scale in Dijon.

I developed this process at the University of Dijon and then wanted to develop it here on the Cote d’Or. Was it your desire to remain in the territory?

I’m originally from Venarey-les-Laumes, so the idea was to get as close as possible to my home and stay in touch with the University of Burgundy for the research development part.

You will raise 6 million euros to develop your business. How do we find this money?

In this capital we find the Ministry of the Armed Forces through its fund managed by the investment bank BPI. There is Safran Venture and we have 60% of our clients overseas. So we also showed that this technology could be of use to the world leaders in extrusion dies as we produce parts for Mexico, Brazil and soon Germany.

6 million euros on your budget scale, is that a big capital increase?

Yes, it is a significant capital increase that will help us move into an industrial hall worthy of that name. We will move to the former Vallouurec Umbilicals factory, we will buy new equipment and we will equip ourselves with a control laboratory. Today, we have a series to do.

What are your views? What do you imagine in the coming months, in the months, in the coming years?

In the industry, we would rather talk years ago. But in general, within three years, we want to double our workforce and establish the company as a leader in this technology at the European level.

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