No, there is no chorizo ​​in the paella

The word paella reminds you of a large mixture made of rice andAbout what? That is, you are definitely not Spanish and even less from the region of Valencia, where the famous Iberian dish originated. A very serious study conducted by researchers from the University of Valencia and recently published in the prestigious International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, actually proves that a real food recipe Paella Valenciana It is basically limited to ten ingredients: rice, water, olive oil, salt, saffron, tomatoes, and beans jarophone (Valencia bean), chicken and rabbit.

This result was obtained after a careful survey led by anthropologist Pablo Vidal and carried out in 266 municipalities in the province of Valencia among nearly 400 non-professional chefs over the age of 50. The survey also showed that in addition to the primary ten ingredients (used by more than 90% of respondents), fifty other ingredients were used more or less commonly, but in much smaller proportions, led by paprika (62, 5%), rosemary (52.2 %) and artichokes (46.3% but only in winter). The sharing site, which was the first to list the ingredients for real Valencian paella, also mentions the possibility of adding … snails.

“Gastronomic Attack”

El Pais newspaper quoted the study’s authors as saying that these results “Finally make it possible to exclude ingredients that have never been used and should be avoided properly Paella Valenciana. […] If one uses this name, one must adhere to these ten essential ingredients. One can, of course, use the other occasional ingredients, but one should avoid anything outside this extensive list. They offer to call these dishes disrespecting the real recipe Rice to something, or at a bit of ‘paella’, but without the adjective ‘Valenciana’.

Should we then give the error to Michel Audiard who, in monkey in winterJean-Paul Belmondo made him say so “Paella without shellfish is like lamb without garlic, and og without rose: something that does not please God”? We can…but let’s not go too fast. As can be seen on, the . file spiced paella (“paella de la Mer”) has a good place among the typical dishes of the region, but it is then made without meat.

And chorizo, which is found in almost all French paella recipes? If there is one ingredient that should be avoided to make authentic paella, it appears to be this one. In 2020, Spanish chef Carlos Arguinano angered paella lovers by presenting him “Mixed Paella” Made with chicken, seafood…and chorizo. Enrique Moreira, President of the Parliament of the Valencia Region, went so far as to describe the recipe A“taste attack”:

This was reminiscent of “paellagate” launched in 2016 by highly publicized British chef Jamie Oliver who, with his suggestion of a paella recipe including chorizo, drew plenty of derision on the other side of the Pyrenees.

“My version of fish and chips combines eggplant and duck.”

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