On the Samedy farm in Priziac, organic produce no longer works – Lorient

Samuel Fracquet and Johanna, his companion, the organic farmers of Brysiac, seek to understand. For a month, practically no one came to their farm in the Samidi sector to buy their produce. Is it because of high fuel prices? From the increase in some food products? One thing is for sure, and that the clients we used to see are becoming increasingly rare,” notes Samuel Fracke visibly concerned. “Even at Merville Market, in Lorient, where we are located

It is an important source of income for us, and it is also very quiet.” The man estimates that his cash receipts are down 40%!

For people’s health

The couple, who met through L’amour est dans le pré, chose to be producers of Jersey and crossbred dairy cows. “Everything is organic. I can’t imagine working any other way for a second. The farmer insists that people’s health is at risk.” that feed on grains and whey. Dairy products, veal and pork are sold in our shop on the farm.” The tasks were divided between the farmers well: Samuel takes care of the production and Yehana takes care of processing and selling.

This phenomenon should not continue. Fortunately, we made sure not to fall into debt

vicious circle

For now, they are holding up. But this phenomenon should not continue. Fortunately, we made sure not to get into debt. In addition, we make sure to control our investment and production as accurately as possible. So we don’t have a milking parlor. We bring milk directly from the pasture. However, in the face of rising costs, we have had to increase our prices, which has scared off some of our loyal customers and further reduced our sales.” As a good self-respecting organic producer, Samuel Fraquet loves short circuits. Thus it supplies the Langonnet school canteen and vocational training institution in Auteuil and Priziac Yogurt is an activity he will try to develop even if he knows it won’t be easy.

Another cause for concern: the weather, with little to no rain, in recent weeks. “It’s not ideal for growing the lawn meant for my cows,” Samuel says, scanning the sky, missing the rain in his eyes.

Joanna Fracke is at Merville Market in Lorient on Saturdays; In Voigt, every Wednesday and Thursday. On-site sale is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon.

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