Organic Store: Why the recipe no longer works at Dreux

A wooden facade that reveals herbal tea, fruit, a box of spices, cosmetics … Without having to enter it, we all passed in front of the facade of Herbo druide, located at 12 rue Saint-Martin.

Although the facility has been open for 30 years and has been followed by loyal clients, the establishment, the only traditional organic selling point downtown, has been little more than an empty shell for a few days. On the windows, there is no longer a shadow of an herbal tea, just a small sticker indicating closure ‘unfortunately’ but inevitable given the ‘current context of organic distribution’.

“Digital Procurement”

This shutdown isn’t really a surprise, according to Juliette Boppard, co-director with her partner, Frederic Mosland.

She evokes “the collapse of customer flow for years, particularly during the creation of the new paid parking system.” She adds that this is only one element among others. The organic sector faces competition from local markets, particularly the market for gardeners and all those who embark on short circuits. Large surfaces also have their share, particularly the discount mark. »

Ultimate coup de grace, digitization of purchases: Herbo Druide was no match for the Internet and the proliferation of different sites, “which has evolved a lot after Covid. The market has changed.”

Flourishing CBD in Drew and elsewhere

“The directors began a transformation 10 years ago, by installing a second point of sale (Le Carré Bio) in Les Coralines, opposite the previous Conforama (currently Grand frais and Intersports).” Due to the weight of the rent, 7000 euros we asked to split the building into two cells to pay less. The lessor refused, a large company of Parisian investors. This was not the case for the shop owner in the city center who agreed to reduce our lease, Rue Saint-Martin, from 1,500 euros to less than 1,000 euros.”

Facing litigation in Coralines, the leaders moved to the same area (Rafale Street), near the dance school and La Rumba wellness area. “We’ve done well, because organic has a real community. Things went well until the drop in consumption since May. Recently, a new organic brand was born in the former building of Carré bio …

“Our Staff Relocated”

Finally, Herbo Druide leaders chose to close their establishment (in the city center and in Coralines), not without taking care to “relocate our six employees”. For Juliette Boppard, also a coach and strategy consultant, digitizing consumption risk is causing further shutdowns. “Apparel and auto dealers…: many sectors involved.”

Olivier Bohen

‘It’s not the parking that’s causing a store to close’
Digitization of trade, parking,… Sébastien Leroux answers the questions raised by the closure of shops. The deputy mayor in charge of trade and the elected representative refuses to shave for free. “For financial reasons and respect for the law, there is no room to introduce new free periods. The price in Dreux is not high. Parking has never been a reason to close a store. In the past, dealers have complained about these small cars, because of the empty periods that impeded the flow of customers.”
Regarding the digitization of trade, a possible reason for the closure of shops, Sebastien Leroux identifies: “During the Covid, the city proposed a system for digitizing shows. It does not work?! I believe more in influencers like the one who works at Ocad.”


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