ouch. Good deals but sales are no longer successful

The queues in front of the shops disappeared. On Wednesday, the first day of the sale, the shopping streets were struggling to survive despite the discounts offered.

Today, the importance of promotions is underestimated. They are found everywhere and all the time, especially on the Internet. “Sales are not what they have been since the start of private sales,” explains Barbara, Director of The Dressing, rue Dessoles. “It is not a disaster but we can see that there is no more enthusiasm for several seasons,” she continues. According to Barbara, there is nothing out of the ordinary because the store has been on a “special sale alert” for over a month. So customers are no longer waiting for sales to spend money on promotions. Najm, the seller in Montres et vous, rue Alsace, agrees. “Today, there are year-round promotions using the Internet,” he explains. The star did not sell any items for sale on the first day. “People are also surprised that sales have already started,” he says.

Sales too early?

For many traders, selling summer products at discounted margins too early does not make sense. “It’s not normal to have discounts on June 22 when the season doesn’t start. The discounts were made on unsold items we sell at the end of the season,” indignant Sylvie, who owns Lucy’s shoe store. We should review the regulations.” Patricia, manager of Moa store, Rue Dessoles, agrees, “It’s too early, the season hasn’t started so we can’t sell everything either.” Concerned about people not being interested in her promotions.” I have promotions like “Buy two items,” agrees. And get 1 item for free “…but no, customers don’t come to the store”. The only one who thinks of offering more attractive offers. At Grain de Malice, we are already thinking of launching an exceptional offer to attract people and make up for the desert of the first day.” But between elections and exams. And to increase prices, customers don’t need it,” Sandrine explains.

resource shortage

While inflation rose 5.2% over one year, according to the latest INSEE report dated May 31, 2022, rearranging your wardrobe is no longer a priority. “People don’t have the means right now, as Mary notes at Magoo. There are plenty of them coming in, who are looking but not buying.”

Traders remain optimistic and hope that customers will be there this weekend.

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