Our (good) recipes with new appliances to help you cook all your meals

Summer and its holidays, is the time to prepare good meals and meet family or friends around a table, in the shade of an awning. Manufacturers of small household appliances should not be outdone, offering us new technical and design tools for decorating the table with delicious dishes. From an appetizer to a dessert, not forgetting the drink, “20 Minutes” plays the role of a kitchen clerk and offers you his choice.

Appetizers: KitchenAid Mini Chopper

With a capacity of 830ml, the KitchenAid mini chopper will be an effective assistant for making chickpeas, taramasalata, pesto, sauces, vinegar… even baby purees.

Small slicer from KitchenAid. – Kitchen Aid

As the preparation progresses, it allows you to add different liquid ingredients, such as oil, to your bowl. Available in five colours, all of its accessories are dishwasher safe. 75 euros.

We saw: This compact and quiet device for everyday use allows you to prepare thin or thick products by applying them (chopper or puree). We applaud the practicality of its bowl, which has a handle and spout.

For main course: Plancha QPL1230 from Riviera and Bar

With its large cooking surface (55 x 40 cm), the QPL1230 stainless steel tray from Rivera & Bar is designed for meals with friends.

Riviera tray and bar QPL1230.
Riviera tray and bar QPL1230. – Riviera and Bar

For use outdoors (IPX4 standard) or indoors, it has two cooking zones and emits little smoke. It has a grease drip tray that is compatible with the dishwasher. 499 euros.

We saw: Easier to prepare than grilling, plancha remains a safe bet on sunny days. The concern of this model, designed and produced in France, consists of two heating zones: from 50 degrees to 300 degrees, adjustable by two independent thermostats. It is enough to prepare two dishes at once, such as fish and meat, or cook on one side and simmer on the other side. We also applaud the quality of the materials, with a 4mm thick stainless steel cooking plate.

For steaming: Philips Air Cooker

Paying homage to the nutritional properties of steam cooking, Philips launched its Air Cooker.

The new Philips Air Cooker.
The new Philips Air Cooker. -Philips

Meat, fish and also vegetables that will retain their original colors … This cooker combines steam and convection heat, all controlled by the NutriFlavor home app. In addition to the presented recipes, it automatically adjusts the temperature and heating time with 8 cooking modes, including defrosting. 579 euros.

We saw: Although this device is very expensive, it tries to browse in its own way about the success of Thermomix or Cookeo with its application and the “related” recipes with it. It can resonate with cooks who especially love healthy dishes, and steaming has many arguments in this direction, while preserving vitamins in the ingredients, but also on taste.

For dessert: Cuisinart ICE40BCE Ice Cream Maker

A little guilty pleasure? Or rather two! Cuisinart ICE40BCE Ice Cream Maker allows you to make ice cream with different flavors at the same time.

Ice cream maker ICE30BCE, from Cuisinart.
Ice cream maker ICE30BCE, from Cuisinart. – CUISINART

Her secret: a double bowl with a capacity of 1 liter each to prepare smoothie, ice cream or frozen yogurt in record time. The principle: leave the two bowls in the freezer overnight, then make the recipe of your choice, 25 minutes of preparation is then necessary. 179 euros.

We saw: The originality of this device, which sold more than the classic ice cream maker by about 20 euros, lies in the double bowl. We appreciate the large hopper that allows you to add ingredients, such as fresh fruit, during preparation.

To prepare soft drinks: Woody from Misuda

To carbonate tap water (or filtered water), Woody from Finnish company Mysoda, is simplicity personified.

Woody from Mesouda and its flavors Made in France.
Woody from Mesouda and its flavors Made in France. – Misuda

Equipped with a returnable gas cartridge (for approximately 60 liters of beverage), the device made of almost 100% renewable bio-composite (wood-based) can convert assorted 0.5 or 1 liter bottles into gas. 70 euros.

We saw: With a base price virtually equal to that of Sodastream, Mysoda promotes environmental values. Their gas cartridges contain food grade carbon dioxide and are refilled in France, in Comines (59). The eight flavors offered to accompany the sparkling water are also locally made: cola, lemon, lime juice, mojito … Unfortunately, the machines are still made in China, from leftovers collected from the forestry industry.

For a little lather: PerfectDraft Pro

Indispensable to quench your thirst or accompany televised sporting events in the summer, the beer distributor is investing more and more homes.

PerfectDraft Pro beer dispenser delivered.
PerfectDraft Pro beer dispenser delivered. – perfect

Connected, PerfectDraft Pro goes further than many competitors with its app that allows you to monitor the level of the keg and also the number of days left for the beer to retain all its aroma, or to adjust the temperature at will, or even to be alerted when the keg is ready to use. 385 euros.

We saw: Compatible with the 50 kegs available on this site (consumed in moderation), this beer dispenser will entice geeks with its advanced functionality.

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