Our ideas to impress your grandchildren!

“Which cake would you like for your birthday?” “Super beautiful cake!” The arrangement of your little food is ambiguous but the desired effect is clearly expressed. To blow out his candles, your grandson or granddaughter wants to be surprised. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional pastry chef to make little eyes sparkle. A little imagination, creativity and above all good ideas for inspiration will be enough to impress him. Here are the cake ideas, from the simplest to the most elaborate, that have been spotted on social networks.

Spiral pies or pancakes

Are you a pancake specialist and your grandchildren love them for a snack? Good news, in a jiffy, you can serve them wonderful sweets!

Spiral pancakes:

How do I do? Prepare your usual pancake batter and divide it into two bowls. In one of them, add melted chocolate or several spoons of cocoa powder (to adjust to the amount of dough) and mix. Put this preparation in a jug with a spout or in a bottle for sauces so that you can pour it neatly. When the pan is heated, draw a swirl of chocolate and then pour the mixture over it. Your graphic crepe is ready! Make your batch then roll the pancakes and arrange them in a pyramid shape on a plate. All you have to do is put candles on it! Watch the recipe in the video:

Rainbow PancakeThe principle is very simple, prepare enough pancakes to make a thick cake by layering them. But play around with food colors (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, yellow, red), dividing the dough before baking, to create a rainbow effect. Then you just have to assemble your cake by grouping the pancakes by color, adding the whipped cream or why not melt the chocolate in between each… When you cut the cake, a rainbow appears as if by magic. Kids love it!

rainbow roll

You can refuse the “rainbow” cake by making a colorful vanilla roll. It is good, simple and quick to prepare. Discover our recipe

tiger brioche

Do your grandchildren love animals? They should be amazed at this brioche that reveals specks when slicing… For this “crowe” result, just divide the dough and add different amounts of chocolate to get: white dough and two or three, brown. Then make a “sausage” with this pasta that you put in a mould. To understand the recipe, it is better to Watch the video. Feel free to take the test at home beforehand to make it your own:

animal party cake

On Pinterest, you will find many examples of this very elegant cake based mainly on its decorations and the zoo animal figurines placed on top. Zebra, elephant, tiger… It’s up to you to make up your favorite animal. For the recipe, choose a simple base and make a white cream (with white chocolate) and decorate the base with some colorful sprinkles.

Number cake

More technical, the numbers cake, or the numbers cake, always has little effect. If your grandchildren are still young, you only have one character to achieve, enjoy! It is up to you to decorate it to your liking, with sweets, sweets or macaroons according to the tastes of the celebrity.

gravity cake

This tacky candy defies gravity, and your grandchildren won’t believe their eyes! I don’t need a magic wand to do this. Just follow this video tutorial:

Another birthday cake idea to try: a surprise cake with candy hidden inside or even a galaxy cake for a Thomas Thomas fan.

And for my teenage son, what do I do?

Your granddaughter has grown up and is no longer sensitive to overly sweet cakes? Take advantage of summer fruits to surprise them with a tart that’s super simple (with a white chocolate base, for example) but nicely decorated. It’s so common on social networks, she’s no doubt going to be sensitive to it!

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