Our recipes for original appetizers that will have you shivering this Halloween!

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trick or treat ? Before you tour the houses to conquer the sweets, make room for an aperitif! If you love Halloween parties like we do, then surely you have already prepared your disguises, sweets and decorations! But have you thought about what to cook? We offer you ideas for very original aperitif recipes to impress young and old!

It’s time to cook list 100% Scary and terrifying while delicious! The candies The desserts are good but the real meal is better. Halloween is always a good excuse to eat well. side Aperitif, We leave aside the potato chips and peanuts and put this time Autumn and creative recipes To wait before the dish … a delicious cake, bread or even a small pizza, you are not done enjoying yourself.

waste control Remember to keep leftover pumpkins used for your decorations. All good in pumpkin!

Little Devil Pizza (Halloween Special)

Pizza, we love them! In a small form for a Halloween appetizer with cobwebs decoration, it’s perfect.

pumpkin seed bread

Good original baking for a quality appetizer with your leftover pumpkin for Halloween.

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mummy sausage

Pastry sausages are a classic French appetizer. We made a version for Halloween!

Delicious pumpkin cake

Delicious cake: a classic appetizer. Decorate it with pumpkin for a seasonal cake!

Halloween fun mushrooms

Only 3 ingredients to make awesome poisonous halloween mushrooms. The illusion is amazing and your guests will surely be amazed!

Kolokotes (squash cakes)

These squash cakes called kolokotes will delight you and bring originality to your Halloween appetizer.

scary halloween devil eggs

Delicious devil eggs decorated to terrify everyone this Halloween. Don’t forget to taste this delicious recipe!

Normandy pumpkin bread

The softness and flavor of this delicious pumpkin bread would brighten up your appetizer.

All you have to do is serve up your preparations that will make a big splash! And most importantly, don’t forget to make room for sweets!

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