Our top 10 recipes for Easter brunch

It’s part of the tradition: the long Easter holiday is celebrated around a hearty brunch with family or friends. Cook one of our top 10 recipes for Easter brunch!

1. Egg and Mushroom Pizza

Perfect for Easter brunch, this egg and mushroom pizza can be served in bite-size pieces to keep guests waiting or as a center-table main course.

The Recipe: Egg and Mushroom Pizza

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2. Pineapple – Maple Ham

What would Easter brunch be without a piece of ham with pineapple and maple? This classic recipe can be served with baby potatoes and mustard.

Recipe: pineapple and maple

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3. Grilled vegetables and feta pie

Instead of serving a baguette to your guests, serve them a fabulous pie with eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers. The perfect spring dish!

The Recipe: Grilled Veggies and Feta Tart

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4. Avocado with eggs and salmon

If you are looking for an original egg serving idea, look no further, we have the recipe for you! Easy to prepare, this recipe can be enhanced with caramelized onions and chili flakes.

Recipe: Avocado with Egg and Salmon

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5. The brunch casserole

The quantities for this recipe can easily be doubled or even tripled if you are hosting a large group for Easter brunch. All you have to do is place the hot plate in the center of the table.

Recipe: brunch casserole

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6. Crunchy Maple Sugar Straws

If you like sweet and savory dishes, you’ll love these crunchy straws with maple sugar, raisins, and cheddar cheese. The recipe makes a dozen bites, but the quantities can be easily doubled.

Recipe: Crunchy straw with maple sugar

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7. Roasted sweet potato and orange lentil salad

Instead of the classic potato cookout, opt for a roasted sweet potato and orange lentil salad. This refreshing and healthy recipe will be loved by many!

The Recipe: Roasted Sweet Potato and Orange Lentil Salad

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8. Pork and Pea Stew

If you’re hosting a small group for lunch over the Easter holidays, this ham and pea soup is perfect. This main course can be pre-cooked and reheated the same morning.

Recipe: Pea and Pork Stew

9. Easter pies

Easter brunch rarely ends without a sweet conclusion. Try this recipe for chocolate brioche, which will surely be unanimous around the table!

The recipe: Easter cake

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10. Bread, apple and maple pudding

Do you have leftover dried bread that you don’t know what to do with? It’s time to turn crispy baguettes, loaves and freshly baked bread slices into delicious Easter treats!

The Recipe: Bread, Apple and Maple Pudding

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