How to cook leeks and make it “sexy” on the dish?

Leeks, a seasonal vegetable, are rich in vitamin B9 and fiber and low in fat. “It’s a great product that you can cook in so many different ways,” says Sonia Ezgolian, journalist, chef and author at we are here! for Soups and stews Sonia Ezgulian recommends buying large leeks that will cook for a very … Read more

French Days – Delonghi Dinamica FEB 3535.SB Blanche automatic coffee machine with grinder (with Doppio + recipe) “5 stars” at 579.99 euros

applicable model This content is specifically related to the model: Blanche (with Doppio + recipe). There are other variations and their prices are indicated in the tabs of the table below. Last October, he announced the new range of automatic machines with Delonghi’s Dinamica mills that promise “performance, interaction and simplicity”. The Dinamica FEB 3535.SB … Read more

The salvaged smartphone is no longer successful in the channel

On Friday, September 23, Oxygen Phone (formerly Remade), which specializes in refurbishing smartphones, based in Poilley was again placed in receivership. The Oxygen phone (formerly ex-Remade) refurbished smartphones has been placed in receivership. The Commercial Court issued its decision on Friday, September 23rd regarding the plant located in Pouille (Sud Manch). According to the Kotance … Read more

How do you make a homemade pumpkin latte?

Fun fact, the drink initially marketed in 2003 by Starbucks didn’t contain pumpkin, but coffee, milk, and pumpkin spice. The orange color that makes pumpkin spice latte a success is obtained thanks to the additives. It wasn’t until 2015 when the company developed a new recipe to incorporate “pumpkin spice sauce,” while simultaneously removing artificial … Read more

Make a strawberry pie with success with Elodie Condemi

Elodie Condemi, winner of Best Pastry Chef, presents the new recipe for strawberry pie. Allow yourself to be deliciously guided by this passionate pastry chef that will make your mouth water. Try the Interceltic Festival: Interceltic Festival Lorient 2022 Elodie Condemi affirms that “cooking drives me” and we can’t help but believe her. The big … Read more

Button mushrooms, an ally of flavor to your recipes

For the knowledgeable hobbyist, it’s peak season for porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms and other death trumpets. We can never repeat the advice of caution enough: When you don’t know a mushroom, don’t pick it, and if in doubt, ask your pharmacist. Tips for a successful preparation You can also choose the classic, delicious, well-cooked … Read more