Easy waffle recipe if you are a beginner

What if for Mardi Gras, we tried a waffle mix? In 30 minutes of rest, he’s ready! Purists will have a choice of our best donut recipes, bugs, and wonders to celebrate Mardi Gras and Carnival. index On the occasion of Mardi Gras, we delight cakes, baguettes, wonderland, or even pancakes. In 2022, the date … Read more

15 easy recipes to try with Marqoq

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10 Brick Plate Recipes to Create Your Meals!

Use pastry sheets to cook great exotic recipes! Crispy pastry chips Sometimes the best recipes are the simplest! Brick sheets allow us to stretch with greed. Lighter than puff pastry, it does not crumble as much and thus ensures better packaging. You can decorate it with minced meat and leftover chicken. Bon appetite ! see … Read more

Donut, Bonnie, Waffle, Carnival Recipes

Mardi Gras. This Tuesday, March 1, 2022, in order to perpetuate the tradition of Mardi Gras, we let you discover the recipes for Carnival cakes in France, from the simplest to the most original: nun’s pets, braids or the adorable Bouguen of Lyon and the wonders of Provence! index [Mis à jour le 1er mars 2022 à … Read more

Michele Saran and Laurent Marriott bring you an authentic Southwest Asian salad

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Tomato sauce: Panzani discreetly changes her recipe

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