Peaches, tomatoes, apricots… 5 favorite recipes from Parisian chefs to prolong summer

Salty or sweet? For a better taste of summer, Parisian chefs entrusted us with their favorite recipe based on seasonal fruits. Do at home, or taste in their restaurants!

Candied Tomatoes with Red Currants from Manon Fleury (Perchoir Ménilmontant)

Manon Fleury, at the head of the company until the end of the year Perchoir Ménilmontant (14, rue Crespin-du-Gast, 11e), he sends us his (savory) recipe of candied tomatoes with currants for 4 people.

Submerge 8 cockatiels (larger than cherry tomatoes but smaller than grape tomatoes) in boiling water, then in ice water to peel them without difficulty. Put them for 15 minutes at 120°C in a plate with a few basil leaves, a drizzle of olive oil and two sprinkles of salt. To cool down Mix 1 kg of beef steaks very well cooked, bring to a boil in a saucepan Let simmer for 20 minutes over low heat, whisking regularly Drain through a colander covered with a clean cloth, season with clear broth and thus collect salt and 1 tbsp vinegar Berries Mix a handful of currants with the remaining tomato pulp, and a little olive oil and salt for a condiment Put 2 candied tomatoes and the equivalent of a handful of currants on each plate Pour the broth on top and 1 tbsp coffee seasoning on the side, like mustard . »

Nurdane Bourcier Cold Watermelon Tomato Soup

Cold Watermelon, Tomato and Peach Soup from Noureddine Boursier (Tammam Kitchen)

Nordin Porcier, Chef of Tammam Kitchen (46 Rue Didot 14e) reveals his (salted) recipe for Cold Watermelon, Tomato, and Peach Soup, Serves 4 People.

Put the meat cut into pieces of watermelon in a blender. Add 1 large pineapple tomato (an old bunch of yellow tomatoes), 1/2 white peach, 1 tbsp. Coffee tomato puree, a pinch of coarse salt, juice of half a lemon, 1 tbsp. .Tbsp olive oil pepper and 2 teaspoons split pepper. Mix until smooth, then refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Divide into soup bowls and sprinkle with tbsp. crumbled feta, toasted buckwheat seeds, a little sumac and split pepper.”

Candied apricots on rice pudding with almonds, by Josselin Flocon of Séveste Restaurant in Paris

Candied apricots on rice pudding with almonds, by Josselin Flocon of Séveste Restaurant in Paris

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Candied apricots on rice pudding with almonds, by Jocelyn Flucon (Seviste)

Jocelyn Flocon, Flocon Restaurants (75, Mouffetard Street, 5e) and Séveste (1, Charles-Dullin Place, 18e), reveals the secrets of one of his legendary sweets.

Make a syrup with 1 liter of water and 200 g of sugar. Dip six large Russian apricots and herbs of your choice (verbena, basil). Bring to a boil, then simmer over very low heat until the apricot husks clump slightly and begin to peel. Cover the pan and let the apricots cool in the syrup, away from the heat. Prepare almond milk. 90gm brown almonds in shells in a frying pan. We mix them with 1 liter of water, drain. Cook 55g of grain rice in 50cl of this almond milk for 15 to 20 minutes. Cover and leave to cook for 30 minutes. Pour the remaining 50 cl of milk into a saucepan with 75 grams of sugar and reduce by two thirds over very low heat, until you get a syrupy blond liquid. Mix with rice with cooled milk. Serve rice pudding with apricots for each person. »

Vanilla Tomatoes from Dante Restaurant (Paris)

Vanilla Tomatoes from Dante Restaurant (Paris)

Tomatoes with Vanilla, by Rebecca Beaufort (Dante)

Rebecca Beaufort, Chef Dante (14 rue de Paradis, 10e), tells the recipe (salty) for a wonderful vanilla tomato for 4 people
“Take a large tomato per person, preferably beef or blackcurrant steak – old varieties – with firm flesh and flavour. Cut them into 3 thick slices, season with fine salt, pepper and olive oil and roast for 4 minutes at 210 degrees. Mix the tomatoes, Bring this mixture to a boil and drain with a cloth.Add to the hot tomato water the seeds that have been scraped from the vanilla pod and pod.Leave to infuse and cool.Before serving, quickly put the tomatoes under the grill until slightly caramelized.Pour 1 tbsp.Tbsp.Tbsp of tomato water over On each plate, place sliced ​​tomatoes and season with pesto points (basil + olive oil + Parmesan mixture). Sprinkle with half of the finely chopped shallots, crushed fresh almonds and black neon olives. Cover with the remaining amount, making sure to distribute the vanilla seeds evenly. »

Soft peach verbena from Candide

Alessandro Candido, from Candide Restaurant (35 rue Samper-e-Mus, 10e), reveals the secrets of the soft peach and verbena cake.

“Start with a verbena. Heat 50 g of sugar mixed with 10 cl of water and bring to a boil. Add a handful of fresh verbena and let it soak while you prepare the rest. Melt 200 g of butter over low heat. It might seem like a lot, but otherwise, the fluff wouldn’t be fluffy! Then whisk 3 eggs with 150 g of sugar, add 150 g of flour and 50 g of ground almonds. Pour the melted butter with a little vanilla or vanilla extract, and mix to get a smooth paste. Transfer it to a buttered mould. Cut the peaches (white or yellow) into quarters and place them in a rosette on the dough. No need to peel them, they will retain their shape and color when cooked. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes at 180 ° C. Pour the filtered syrup over the hot cake so that it soaks in it, like a baba. Turn hot and serve with ricotta ice cream or a bit of raw cream. »

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