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Peterson publishes

4 Mystery Fairchild The local puzzle writer BJ Peterson She recently published her fourth novel in the Julia Fairchild Mystery Series.

One Will Too Many is about a wealthy banker with a long list of dead secrets.


Dr. Fairchild, an internist, is at home in Parkview working at her medical practice. She is asked to attend a fundraiser at a local theater where she is introduced to banker Jay Morrison, a newly divorced whose life is filled with secrets according to a review by independent reviewer Matt Beachy. The day after the fundraiser, Morrison’s friend called Fairchild to say she couldn’t reach him. Beachy wrote in his review of the book, Fairchild is happy to help find him and the duo go looking for him. They soon discover Morrison’s death in his home.

At first, no one could figure out why he was killed, but the coroner quickly confirmed that it was murder, according to the book summary at The wealthy banker died of methanol poisoning.

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Further inquiries show that there may have been several people who had beef with Morrison and “with the reading of his will, things could get chaotic,” Beachy wrote.

The crime scene surprises the local police and Fairchild agrees to help the understaffed force solve the case, but each clue further complicates their investigation. Does she solve the crime or does the killer give her the voucher?

A resident of Calama, Peterson is a retired physician. She attended Lower Columbia College, then transferred to the University of Washington where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy, according to the Daily News archive. She attended University of Utah Medical School and trained in internal medicine at Texas Southwestern University in Dallas. She worked as a local doctor for 37 years.

Peterson has been writing since childhood. She was also an avid reader as a child, reading the mystery series depicting Trixie Belden and her friend Honey; All Nancy Drew books.

While working as an internal medicine specialist, she wrote winning articles in the medical journal Medical Economics. Entries included “Don’t Reject The Experiences of Patients Who Almost Died” and “The Patient Who Gave Me Flowers – Every Day for Years”. She also published two scientific articles in medical journals during her medical school and residency.

Her first murder mystery, “Blind Fish Don’t Talk: A Julia Fairchild Mystery,” follows Dr. Fairchild on vacation in the Caribbean as she discovers a dead diver. Although the death was an accident, she believes there is more to the story.

In her second novel, “Rembrandt Rides a Bike”, Fairchild returns in “Fun Along the Rhine”. In her third novel, Pickle Pink in Paris, a major business deal is interrupted by murder.

In an email to The Daily News, Peterson wrote that “One Will Too Many” is set here in “Parkview,” although readers will not recognize any individual characters except for Julia and her sister.”

She noted that she used some local landmarks, such as the Grant at the Montpellier hotel, the back door office, etc.

According to Peterson’s webpage, “her passion when she’s not writing is healthcare and education.” You donate time to your local free medical clinic. She also shares a portion of her proceeds with Saint Rose Catholic School and Seton High College, both of which are “close to her heart,” according to her biography.

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Longview’s original video cooking program

Cindy Thompson, who graduated in 1990 from Mark Morris High School, recently appeared on YouTube’s “Chef AJ Live.”

Chef AJ has more than 141,000 subscribers according to a press release sent to The Daily News. The show features up-and-coming characters in whole food, vegetarian cooking, and lifestyle.

Thompson, who grew up in Longview, is the daughter of the late Dick Thompson and Linda Thompson of Longview.

Cindy Thompson is a retired fire captain from Gresham, Oregon. A certified health coach and educator who specializes in helping people transform their health through plant-based eating and a healthy lifestyle, Trimazing! Health and lifestyle coaching is out of Seattle, according to the press release.

Headshot: Cindy Thompson

Cindy Thompson

She is the Food for Life educator through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and a Culinary Instructor at Harvard Medical School. She’s a Rouxbe vegan professional, certified health coach, vegan lifestyle coach and educator, fitness nutritionist and firefighter’s peer fitness coach, according to her website

She shares “easy and delicious vegetarian recipes and cooking demonstrations, release notes and is a featured contribution to the new book Food Is Climate” by Glenn Merzer.

Thompson’s presentations can be viewed on YouTube at

Volunteers of the Month named

Rainier Senior Center board members have been named Volunteers of the Month for December.

According to the group’s December newsletter, they are “the glue that holds the Seniors Center together,” noting that it has been a bumpy road with all COVID restrictions and they are trying to provide services without compromising everyone’s health.

Board members are Keith Ekstrom, Rachel Kelly, Debra Elliott, Sue Bevers, Joan Bernard, Jean Rich And Darnell Williams.


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