Perpignan: La pause restaurant, a new name for a new recipe for “good eating” in the hospital

There are changes in the hospital. Like a fresh taste in the mouth for all employees who eat lunch at lunchtime in the self-service hospital center. More and more doctors, nurses and administrative staff prefer lunch break.

Was the hospital “personality” to be used as a test for Top Chef? We believe so. All that is missing are the cameras. on a table Stop On Thursday afternoon, in front of the daily specials, Sophie Dubuis, Director of Logistics Procurement in the Catering Division, Jadi Bagati, Director of Hygiene Quality, and Bruno Noches, Director of Catering. These three group catering experts from the central kitchen of the Perpignan Hospital Center eat lunch among the hospital staff. Like nearly 300 agents or doctors at each lunchtime, they savor a modest €4.50 for the day’s menu prepared by the special team in charge of self-service. Stop. Stop, the new hospital catering brand launched last August that now brings something else on the plate. Another decor, another format and another vision of catering were also developed as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, against the background of the Egalim Law*. At the expense of a lot of effort.

Food above all

But now, as doctors overwhelm the four small meetings they ask the purchasing manager in the catering department, “Which supplier did I get them?” Sophie Dubuis can proudly answer Central Hospital Kitchen. A requirement that gives kitchen teams a new form of motivation, by providing additional talent. “Food First”, Loose Bruno Noshes. Philip Eichebest could not have said it better. But the challenge for this new method is also to find a balance between the 300 people in the dining room at each lunchtime and the quality required.

Beyond the self line, it’s the shot, as in the restaurant. “Because the idea is to put high-quality products on the plate from local sectors and work on them well to present them to more people. We have been working for more than a year on the method, on the products, in teams. We have hired chefs. And this desire to rise has enabled us to Uniting the teams that already exist around this project. There is a real mobilization for everyone and we can really be proud because the self is full and the comments are very good.”. Sophie Dupuis is almost happier with her ensembles than her regular counterparts.

and like “Good eating already takes care of yourself‘, also brings good small plates that are eaten every day in the kitchen “This is a welcome luxury when you work in a hospital”As Bruno Lenoble, one of the chefs says. Service ends. He finds time to show us Guasch’s organic veal chops that will expire in the next few days as a frying pan on the menu Stop. Chef Laura Matignon, for his part, directed her gaze toward the empty plates returning. nothing to add.

* The EGALIM Act sets a target to purchase 50% sustainable or organic, 60% sustainable and quality products for meat and fish on January 1, 2024 (Climate and Resilience Act), while increasing the rate to 100% for mass catering to the state.

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