Philip Echebest: The recipe for succulent French toast has finally been revealed!

Philip Echebestis is One of the most famous chefs from France. With good reason, when he’s not supervising his team at his signature restaurants, it’s shown on TV that Cordon Bleu runs as host. In fact, since 2011, Former professional rugby player guarantee Cooking Deals on M6.

A success that the channel clearly owes to Dominic’s husband, who has made a special place for himself In the hearts of viewers. I’m obviously not afraid to take on challenges, The person with two stars in the Michelin guide He, some time ago, opened his YouTube channel.

Tips from Philip Echebest

The least we can say is that the respective channel has been a huge hit since thenShe has more than a million subscribers. Subscribers, most of whom never miss chef videos. One of the most recent so far is noticeably revealing Dessert recipe: French toast.

Before addressing this, let’s find out first Tips from Philip Echebest So we can have a French toast befitting him. So, first of all, you should know that in this recipe, any bread can be used.

Brioche, baguettes, you are spoiled for choice. However, it is necessary Avoid dark bread and rye bread. If patience is not your best quality, the chef advises you to prepare dishes for French toast in advance.

Then put it overnight in the fridge and after that all you have to do is caramelize it. And the To avoid wastageWith the remaining egg yolk, you can prepare the meringue or egg white. Tasty!

Philip Etchebest’s recipe

FYI, French bread is One of Chef Philippe Echebest’s favorite desserts. Therefore, to honor him, you must introduce yourselves. You will certainly not find it difficult to reproduce because the recipe they provide is fairly easy and quick.

Note that it is taken from his book “Cook well with my Mentor Method”. So, enough chatter, there it is. First, take two eggs. next one, Separate the yolk from the eggs.

for Boil egg yolkadd to it 30 grams fine sugar And stir everything with a paddle. Above all, feel free to increase the pace. Add it too 20 cl of liquid cream And the 2 cl of milkThen defeat them with all your might.

Meanwhile, take care of the bread Gently cut it. Then fill the bowls with a scoop of sweet cream After butter them. Then add the breadcrumbs to the bowl. Without forgetting, of course, the honorable one.

as such Philip Echebest He said it well:

“Bread must absorb the device.”

When you’ve done all this for 15 minutes, Put the bread in the oven at 170°C. When cooking is complete, leave the bowls to cool. not finished ! In 20 grams of butter, heat 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. After that, to get some kind of caramel, Let’s take all the preparation.

Finally, we’ve come to the end of the recipe, heat the French toast in the skillet after unwrapping it. do not forget to Flip it until the caramel is absorbed Good on surfaces. There you go, the recipe is complete. So, all you have to do is savor your preparation. So good appetite !

not a job “dog”

If you want to make other recipes by Philip Echebest, know this On his YouTube channel, there are many of them. As a reminder, some time ago, the M6 ​​star shared a video with YouTubers McFly and Carlito on his channel.

Lack of knowledge of the environment gastronomyThe latter has become covered in the kitchen of the Chef’s Restaurant Le Quatrième Mur. the two young men I learned the basic rules from profession.

Participate in preparing the dish, the dressing, and of course the service. During immersion, they have I tasted the pressure and love of the job. Something that Philippe Echiste vigorously defends.

In his words:

The chef emphasized: “You should not think that it is a “dog” job, all jobs are hard to do. You must have a little desire, passion and belief in what you do. »

The chef emphasizes that he is not talented (humility is emphasized), but stresses that he works a lot. For him, success It is just the fruit of hard work.

“If you work hard and if you want to, you can do it,” he said.

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