Pierfet nastallas. Saint-Pierre celebrations: a winning recipe!

All the ingredients were there this weekend at Pierrefitte for the St Pierre Festival a true success.

This year, in the festivities of St. Pierre, Pierrefittois hosted a cheerful team of Vendeans who came by bike from Froidfond, the city with Pierrefitte, to take part in the patron festivities. The municipality of Biervet had to rise to this challenge set by the friends of Fendi. The least we can say is that the challenge has been met on both sides. As Pierrefitte-Nestalas experienced this weekend three days of wonderful festivities with exchanges, the sharing moments were much appreciated and eagerly awaited. The people of the commune were on time and came in great numbers to take part in these festivities. As summed up by Noel Pereira, Mayor of Pyrevette, during his closing address, “The festivities began on Friday in complete peace and serenity, with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the PGHM. Then, on Saturday, the key words were hospitality, with a very warm welcome from the friends of Froidfond, and sportsmanship with Pyrénées Football Club Vallées des Gaves Veterans Football Tournament and UFOLEP Cycling Races, Perseverance and Solidarity with the organization of Festi’Jeux and various entertainments in the Town Hall garden by Pierrefitte associations, such as Ape La Récré, Fishing, Petanque and Assembly normal.

Then the evening marked with true authenticity, during the wonderful concert proposed by the Moundilhs group, a high-quality concert, in the tradition they perpetuate and the modernity they convey.

Their contemporary expression of the traditional songs of the Pyrenees was a hit! With a Mass hosted by the local Los Muchachos Band, Sunday began with a touch of bliss. He continued the technique with a demonstration of cooking Raku (enameled pottery) by the Association “About the Potters’ Oven”. The Pierfetti and Nastalas festivities ended in a friendly and good atmosphere around the grill! An intense and varied program for the 2022 edition, relaunched with the commitment and participation of all the living forces of the municipality, the municipal team, the CCAS, municipal and association employees and all volunteers, this year the absent festival committee supported this event with financial aid added to the monthly allowances of the mayor and elected officials. By the way.Those actors who made the village live year-round with commitment and humility, gathered around Froidfondais and Pierrefittois for a wonderful moment of sharing that will undoubtedly cherish memories.

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