Poke bowl recipe from Cyril Lignac

Fresh and tasty, light and colorful, poke bowl He has everything. Whether as an appetizer or a main dish, this combination of flavors delights the taste buds and gives the body a real dose of vitamins. The poke bowl is generally made from a rice base, and also contains crunchy vegetables, fresh fruit, fish, meat, or even tofu, for a version of vegan poke.

During his daily appearance on RTL, Cyril Linnac Uncover the secrets of preparing the goose pot recipe. Thus, we find an easy, tasty and delicious recipe, ideal for all lovers of sweet and savory mixtures.

Poke bowl recipe from Cyril Lignac

the rice
Vegetables such as green beans, zucchini, peas, etc.
meat or fish

Put the rice to simmer with water in the rice pot.

Cook seasonal vegetables on the side in salted boiling water. Chill them in ice water to preserve vitamins and chlorophyll.

In a plate, put warm rice on top of the vegetables, add a little tofu. Make a row of rice, another of cooked vegetables, then meat or fish and mangoes.

Add the vinaigrette at the last minute and sprinkle some sesame on top.

Cyril Lignac uses Japanese rice “to taste very soft rice.”

If you add chicken to your recipe, the chef advises you top it off with soy sauce to caramelize it: in other words, cook it with soy sauce on top.

Cyril Lignac Vinaigrette Recipe

to promote your poke pot recipeThe sauce is very important. To play on flavors and bring in new sensations, Cyril Lignac offers a vinegar sauce based on curry and White vinegarPerfect for adding a touch of freshness.

  • Sauce Ingredients:

4 cl of olive oil
4 cl of white balsamic vinegar
a little curry
Fresh chopped coriander

  • Prepare the dressing:

Mix all ingredients well. You can add a little citrusy fruit to your preparation, such as lemon or grapefruit juice.

You can also bet on sweet or savory soy sauce.

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