Quick, easy and delicious: baked oatmeal is a must-have for breakfast

On social networks, trends come and go. And the culinary world – which fits perfectly in the TikTok video format – is no exception. Guide with pesto eggs, dalgona coffee or even baked feta pasta… Quid du Oats in the oven ?

Oats in the oven : What is this recipe?

The recipe to try it out? The Oats in the oven (where baked oats), literally “baked oatmeal”, a recipe that has been acclaimed by netizens. It is simply a file oatmeal cakeQuick and easy to prepare! It only takes a few minutes to finish this preparation…before cooking it for 10 minutes. with the key? Delicious cake perfect for breakfast!

If its name owes its star ingredient – oatmeal – then baked oatmeal, somehow, turns into a cake. with some differences. Thus both allow you to benefit from Benefits of oatmeal : good for health (good for the heart, transit, diabetes, bones, sleep, its protein content…) and ideal for quenching a little hunger thanks to its ability to satiate… However, in terms of texture, the 2 have nothing to do with each other (something Many detractors of porridge are pleased!): Where the porridge is sticky and a bit lumpy, baked oats Wet cake!

How to prepare moist oat cake?

good idea? Make the job easier by adopting a simple, time-saving ally: the blender! Moreover, this difference in Baked oatmeal recipe It was a hit on Tiktok (1.2 billion views of #BakedOats). The idea? Put all the ingredients in the blender and turn on the machine.

Ingredients for one person: 4 tablespoons of oatmeal, 1 egg, 4 cl of milk, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt… Pour into an ovenproof dish/mold and cook for ten minutes at 180°C. another option? Replace the milk with 1/2 a very ripe banana, an alternative that has been verified by many recipes. This is the basic recipe. After that, all that remains is to personalize its preparation to your taste by adding, before cooking, for example: 1 pinch of cinnamon, 1 handful of red fruits or chocolate chips, 1 teaspoon of honey or butter, 1 handful of walnuts Or almonds, hazelnuts, apricots, raisins, or any fresh seasonal fruit …

No mixer? Do not panic! We can definitely make a file baked oatsdeer without mixer No blender and all you have to do is mix all the ingredients in a “classic” salad bowl. The only difference can be seen on the side of the oat flakes which will remain whole instead of being broken down by a blender!

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