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Weird West is the first game from the new studio Wolfeye, founded by our compatriots Julien Roby and Raphaël Colantonio. The latter, former members of Arkane Studio who worked on well-known titles such as Prey or Dishonored, preferred to return to a more independent and modest gameplay of their previous productions. And what’s better than an immersive sim to start their new adventure, Arkane’s favorite genre that they master right up to their fingertips. And so Weird West takes all the codes dear to their makers that made the core of Arkane games, and that means a sandbox where we have different approaches. All while taking the gameplay to a third-person perspective.

Once upon a time in the West

The title is set in a reimagined Wild West where fantasy mingles with reality. Thus, ghouls and other dead monsters rub shoulders with the world of the living, filling the depicted world with mysticism. But also brutality. Because the West is still cruel and many bands of bandits inhabit these arid plains.

Who wants a bullet in the back?!

More than just a background, every interaction with the characters immerses us in this wonderful universe. We will have to deal with widows seeking revenge, with groups of slaves wanting to escape from cannibals, with witches exchanging their services for offerings, etc.

It is in this context that our adventure begins. Or rather, one of our adventures. In fact, the game has been divided into five chapters with many scenarios, all centered around a different protagonist.

Our weapons have different levels of strength

This is also the other big strength of the title because these stories, presented in an imposed order, are interconnected and complementary.

club of five

The first hero to incarnate is Jane Bell, the famous bounty hunter, who departs to save her husband who has been kidnapped. Classic in its plot, but rather with its well-established dialogues and different approach possibilities that the game surprises us with.

Let’s take a concrete example: a task asks us to extract information from the corrupt mayor.

The game requires creativity

The easiest way is probably to bribe this character. What if we don’t have enough money? The latter specifically has an account to present with the locals in the area and settling this dispute could loosen his tongue. Or simply by making the powder speak and forcibly extracting information from it. Many different possibilities are available to the player which reward those who wish to look for option B. In addition, the repercussions of our actions are real and we will have to put up with our choices later in the adventure.

Once Jane’s task, Scene Change, is completed, we are prompted to place someone else in a different location, and immediately after the events in play. A new main mission, an excuse to explore other corners of the map and meet new people. Or meet famous personalities.

The map is full of places to visit

Certain individuals will remember us as a player and come out of their little hang, breaking the fourth wall. It is up to us to try to understand the cause of these changes and to find the origin of this mystery.

If you wish and if you make the right choices, it is even possible to recruit (or not to recruit) ex-heroes embodied in previous chapters to your team. But also to simply cool them down so we can loot things we got while we’re passing by. Once again, the choice is ours. A small apartment, perhaps related to the more modest character in the studio, the dialogues are not dubbed, neither in English nor in French.

shooting eyeliner

The same philosophy applies during confrontations. It is possible to shoot oil lamps to make them ignite, to push explosive barrels to trigger a chain reaction with dynamite, to bypass enemies by sneaking at night (the game has a day/night cycle), etc. The styles remain numerous and favor player innovation.

How to expand your team

These different interactions are exhilarating at first. However, we end up adopting a similar approach regardless of the situation, because it is often more efficient to take out our weapons and get into the heap, which is the fault of a failed stealth system. We feel the game has the ambition to offer more but it has been overtaken by the reality controller at hand. The AI ​​is especially stupid, moving in a straight line and shooting continuously and often spotting us behind walls or in bushes. We have a funny feeling that their movement is not scripted, as if they are roaming freely without following a regular pattern and that they are reacting in real time to our input, even when they turn their back on us. In short, after dozens of inconclusive attempts to infiltrate, we surrender and kill everyone.

If the choice of top view can be surprising at first (Arx Fatalis, Prey, and others all play first-person), rest assured that the immersion remains similar. From a gameplay point of view, we can jump, bend, roll and, of course, shoot at any cost.

A summary is given at the end of each chapter.

Shooting is done with the left stick. Here, too, the lack of accuracy is quickly felt, especially on the console. In order to aim it is necessary to aim the left stick towards the enemies but there is also a level of depth, which is calibrated according to the intensity one puts into the stick. Add to that the left trigger to fire your weapon, and the right lever to fire and you’ll quickly find yourself playing a mini-game of Twister on your console. If you have the possibility to play it on PC, we recommend the game with the mouse.

This lack of accuracy is even more frustrating because the action stages are often very tense, enemies die with a few bullets and the same for us. Get ready to save before every big battle.

lonely cowboy

Every place, city, waypoint, and other visited place is represented by a point of interest on the game’s global map. You will have to move from table to table, with random events like Faster Than Light or Griflands (an excellent game that can be compared that doesn’t stop there as it also offers many characters with many cross scenarios).

Special skills are transferred from one character to another

However, we quickly get past the different possible situations, and these sudden encounters become more painful than anything else once we progress through the game. Especially since ammo becomes precious in the second part of the game and we prefer to save it for the important moments.

Count twenty good hours to beat it, or even more if you fall into many side quests, often quality.

Testing was conducted on Xbox Series X.

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