Ramadan | Restaurants try to make recipes for breakfast: an extra too salty

Once not the norm during this holy month, some Tunisian families prefer to dine outside to relax and enjoy the abundant Ramadan menus. but for Look at the prices, the bill can get very expensive if you get into this Mughal custom…

Ramadan is in full swing. If this is an opportunity for some pastry to give employees time off and lower the flag, many restaurants are wringing their hands at the idea of ​​making a recipe during Ramadan. Like every year, we no longer count Those who compete in craftsmanship The hearty and hearty breakfast menus attract customers wanting to eat out for a change of scenery. one of Promotional messages carried on social media announce the color: “For all lovers of fine Mediterranean cuisine, we announce that starting April 14 in this holy month, we will reopen our doors from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm (reduced menu) depending on the OK Only during Iftar is where you will get a taste of our Ramadan menu.” However, at the price level, this is the lyrical escape of emotions: from potential satisfaction to feeling disoriented or dismayed. Because you have to put your hand in your pocket to “delight” the family.

Breakfast at 60 d per capita share!

Already, it is necessary to calculate at least 25 dinars per person for a quick meal that turns into Ramadan-style restaurant and from 30 to 60 dinars per person for a classic restaurant in the city. Let’s not talk about the menu of elegant restaurants on the outskirts of Gammarth, Carthage or La Marsa intended for a certain elite. These days, going to a restaurant has become a luxury. At least we’re sure there aren’t any pepper, green bean, or squash dishes on the customer’s plate.

Let him say, there is a shortage of these foodstuffs which has caused the prices to rise in the markets and markets. In these restaurants you should be profitable above all, so the customer should not expect mountains and wonders. Hence the interest in eating dinner at home throughout the month of Ramadan to avoid unpleasant surprises.

But to see so many restaurants busy in the morning preparing dinners, the customers seem to be there. Soups, mixed salad and appetizer bricks, noodles, couscous or muesli, dessert and green tea or coffee. With chicken, fish or lamb, it depends, but the price goes up. Accompanied by the slogan “Ramadan Kareem” we promise you a family and warm atmosphere. For 60 dinars per head, still in the city, there is a rise in the selection of dishes and the most consistent and plentiful menus with more diverse options, among other things, from the seafood that abounds in the market stalls. Because, for 25 days, only a basic meal is served. It consists of food “at the table”, laban, stuffed dates, appetizers such as soup, a trio of salad or labneh and a dish consisting of either chicken, fish or lamb and finally a cream dessert and a fruit salad.

At a time when purchasing power continues to decline and the standard and quality of life collapse, who can still afford such luxury during Ramadan? No doubt if it remains exceptional on the occasion of a joyful evening with friends or family, but after that, welcome the expenses and empty pockets at the end of Ramadan.

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