Raspberry jam 3 minutes: recipe

Raspberry Jam 3 Minutes Short Cook: A quick recipe that uses natural pectin. Just sugar and fruit with minimal gestures for an intense jam. You can also eat raspberry jelly for 3 minutes.

Ingredients list

  • raspberry
  • sugar non-crystallization at equivalent weight (or perhaps 10% less)
  • lemon

utensils list

  • hand masher
  • cooking pot
  • wooden spoon
  • Maybe a pouring pot (easier not to get dirty when there are a lot of pots to fill)
  • Jam jars with lids
  • If you want jelly instead: a strainer with very small holes, a good large colander, or a slurry strainer

Preparation time: 30 minutes

cooking time: 3 minutes


Weigh berries

Add the equivalent weight of sugar

Add lemon juice: about 1/2 for less than 500g of berries, 1 whole lemon for 500 to 1000g of berries: This lemon juice is not necessary, but it reveals the raspberry taste better.

Mash everything quickly (a manual potato masher is extra and doesn’t require much washing), but various robots can also make you a nice fruit puree. It is easy to puree and ready to be turned into jam.

To make jelly instead

The fruits are filtered through a very fine sieve (the seeds of the berries are very small and often pass through ordinary strainers.

To make sure there are no beans, you can crush/mix it and pass it through a strainer to extract the collie.

This collie is weighed To know how much sugar to add by equivalent weight.

Of course, for an equal weight of the fruit, you will get more jam than jelly.

3 minute cooking: subtlety!

Heat the purée or choli, with the sugar and lemon, over high heat.

As long as it is not boiling, it is necessary to stir to homogenize the temperature in the pan. It is important that all future jam begins to boil at the same time in order to be able to accurately measure the boiling time.

Once it boils, it is no longer necessary to mix. It is necessary that the time exactly 3 minutes. Reduce the heat to maintain a moderate boiling point.

So after 3 minutes the jam or jelly is done. Pour immediately into jars, without pulling.

Be careful, it is important not to exceed this cooking time. Natural raspberry pectin gel creates a grid between 3 and 4 minutes of boiling.

After 4 minutes of boiling, the pectin bonds break down and the jam or jelly fails. It will then have to be boiled for a longer time, as for traditional jam, to make another natural pectin from the fruit, which generally requires 25 minutes of cooking.

In short, if you miss it, you will miss nothing, you will simply finish the jam in a traditional way.

Pasteurization and preservation

By filling the jars with hot jam immediately, between 85 and 95 degrees, and sealing them immediately, you can jacket and cover the jar.

So this jam can be kept well for at least two years.

If you have more than 3 jars to fill, a pouring pan is more practical.

The gel is well taken only after half a day of rest to cool without moving.

picking berries

Well-maintained raspberries, that is, we feed a little bit of manure or another natural fertilizer every spring, are generous. If you are planting leftover and non-remaining varieties, you can get raspberries from June until frost, with a good harvest rhythm every 4 days during the most auspicious time. But unless you have a garden full of berries, you’ll often harvest less than a pound at a time.

Since this recipe is quick and simple, making only 2 or 3 jars of jam at a time is not a problem.

Pick the fruit leaving the receptacle (the small white cone) on the berry bush. Every berry that passes through your fingers will be quickly checked from the bottom to make sure they are healthy. If there are necrotic (dark) drupes, or a small worm, we do not eat them. It quickly becomes a habit.

If you see an insect (a large, flat, somewhat geometrically shaped bug) on ​​a raspberry, don’t pick it up! It is harmless, but the smell left by bed bugs is usually persistent and terrible.

Once the berries are picked, they are not well preserved: it is better to cook them during the day, or the next day at the latest by putting them in the refrigerator. In addition, the fruits around it lose vitamins.

Should berries be washed?

Well, no! It is too fragile to be washed. The raspberries in your garden are likely organic anyway, and you sorted them out when you picked them.

Raspberry jam or jelly?

Both can be made with a 3-minute cook.

It’s interesting to see how much the texture of the result changes depending on whether the grain is left in or not!

If you don’t mind pills; You might prefer jam.

If pills bother you, raspberry jelly is for you!

Decide this before cooking.

Differences with red fruits

Berries can be combined in these recipes with currants, black currants or strawberries.

With strawberries and currants, the taste of berries usually dominates, even if it weighs less. However, the balanced raspberry/currant jelly is an added plus.

With black currant, it is the black currant that takes over the berries.

Understanding the different natural fruit pectins

As with red currant or black currant jelly, this short cooking uses natural pectin from the fruit, HM . pectin [pectine hautement méthoxylée] ; It reacts with sugar in an acidic medium, as with berries.

They differ from those added to “sugar jam” that contain gelling agents.

The Pectin FM [faiblement méthoxylées] It is also found in raspberries. These pectins are less effective, but require less sugar and less acidity to stick; On the other hand, they need positive ions [aujourd’hui on utilise du calcium CA2+ de préférence, et plus le cuivre CU2+ de la bassine de cuivre, plus toxique] And cook longer. So with this technology, the taste is different, and the fruit is more ripe.

This quick cooking not only takes less time, but allows the fruit to maintain a strong flavor, akin to the taste of raw fruit. It also has an amazing colour.

Although you can’t lower the sugar level too much, it isn’t necessarily sweeter than traditional recipes, because there was very little evaporation during the 3 minutes of boiling.

Thank you Veronique Mackerel

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