Recipe: Barbecue: The Eight Commandments of the Breton Creator of Universal Brotherhood, you will follow

1 / Coal they distribute

If Nicolas Mayo took a completely different professional turn after that (he is now in charge of the center of the French driving school in Guipavas, at the gates of Brest), his years in hotel school linked him to two basic principles: “heat control and seasoning”. Regarding the fire, the Tollocene installed in its lobby (29) is a follower of distributing charcoal to the lower grille. Abundant side, middle one layer and one side without charcoal. “This gives several heating zones. This makes it possible to manage the cooking. And to prevent the flames of Hell from burning the marquise (no offense to another class of purists).

2/ Your network, it will clean

No detergents needed. “Just leave it on fire and give it a wire brush.”

3/ Your meat is seasoned

Fatty substance, spice or herb and acid (lemon, vinegar, etc.): The three basic ingredients of a wet marinade. “I use a vacuum wrap machine. It prevents bacteria growth and marinade penetrates the meat better. Leave it for several hours, but not for too long to prevent the texture of the meat from falling apart.”

4 / of weeds will not offend

Another marinating technique is called drying (dry rub). It combines spices (such as salt and pepper) and spices or herbs. Tapping (more than rubbing) will create a crust around the meat that is juicier than a wet marinade. Personally, I do not put grass in cooking it, because it will taste burnt, but at the end or after cooking. ”

5 / Your room will not come back ten times

“Flipping the food ten times on the grid is pointless and risks breaking it,” warns Nicholas Milio. A round trip is enough: “We turn the meat when a protective crust forms on the side of the roast. This is called the Mayar reaction. Do not be afraid to use it, you will be above blame.

6 / Your grill won’t sting

The creator of the barbecue group insists: “You should never shred meat.” This other killer and still common mistake loses juice content and dries out your grill. It should be avoided before food is placed on the grill during cooking. “If marjorams are in danger of bursting, it is because they are of poor quality.”

7 / The rest of your meat is respected

Even if the barbecue isn’t on Sunday, the grill has a right to rest. “When I take a rib of beef off the stove, I leave it for a few minutes surrounded by butcher paper and aluminum around, with a small smoker (to stop the cooking). During this stage, the juice spreads throughout the muscle.”

8 / Your recipes will be shared

The Barbecue Brothers (official, because there are copies), founded by Nicolas Millau, is promoting an ancient cooking technique in fine gastronomy. The 54,000 members of the private group share traditional recipes from French-speaking countries all over the planet. It is not forbidden to add your own group to join the group. There are also more surprising or daring suggestions: “I like to cook mussels on the grill, in tin foil. It adds a little smoky taste. Some techniques recommend having specific accessories and talents. Like being able to balance a chicken on top of a half-filled beer can (you’ll find a volunteer to unload it)” Will this challenge to the laws of gravity called “chicken and beer” seriously double on Bretton’s tables?

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