Recipe for this direction for an aperitif

The butter plate was recently put in the spotlight on the TikTok social network. What is this new trend and how to make it at home, we detail everything in the recipe.

This novelty can make people shiver. However, it serves as the butter of many culinary content creators on social networks. It must be said that across the Atlantic, one can almost believe it Charcuterie and cheese boards Now count as butter.. the new star of appetizers? Butter plate. Anyway, this is the case in the United States. On TikTok, recipes and illustrated explanations merge. The Hashtag “Butter Board” (“butter slab”) until Over 304.7 million views. However, the concept is by no means innovative. This trend is determined by Spread the softened butter on a plate in an aesthetic way. Then everyone has the right to add honey, flowers, spices, peanuts …

Where did the TikTok “butter board” trend come from?

It all starts in the United States. Justin Doiron New York food designer and chef Followed by 2 million people on TikTok, is a profile Butter lover. By filming herself making a slice of bread and then eating it, a culinary content creator can collect it Over 270,000 likes. In mid-September, she posted a video in which she spreads butter and decorates it, explaining it “I like this concept” When she has to receive guests in her house. It was already his video Viewed over 8.5 million times.

But in the original, “butter” appeared in 2017 In Joshua McFadden’s book, Six seasons: a new way with vegetables (“Six Seasons: A New Way to Eat Vegetables”). “I used to make it for a farmer’s dinner where there was a variety of breads and spreads on the table […] she was Opportunity to showcase butter and add fun seasonal ingredientsThe chef explains to the American media United States of America today.

The recipe is simple and quick but beware of purists who can quickly dread using butter this way.

Ingredients for making butter block

Of course, it is necessary butter. Salty, semi-salted or sweet, it all depends on your taste and the final flavor you want to get. Then arm yourselfBig country bread of the best. Finally, it’s up to you The layer to be added on butter. Here are some ideas: crushed garlic after baking, bacon bits, green onions, dill, raspberry or fig jam, chili flakes, hot honey, fruits, vegetables, or flower petals… Unleash your imagination!

Here are the preparation steps

1. Processing a butter knife or simple Round tip knife And the’on the board of a ship.

2. To soften butter, American chef Justin Doiron gives a tip. she Fill a bowl with hot water, empty it He places it directly on his plate containing the chip. Moments later, the ‘lid’ was removed, and Butter is softened without melting.

3. Then bring out the artist in you: Put butter on the board as if you were drawing Textured, embossed.

4. The final step depends on each of them: Drop the components you selected.

5. Your guests will only have to take A piece of bread and distribute a portion of the preparation above.

Tasting good but be careful not to abuse it! Also pay attention to Reasonably dosed amounts of butter : You can be easily tempted to use an entire slab of butter, while small doses can be more than enough.

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