Recipes and tips for a successful soup

The first autumn frosts were not so long awaited, and it is almost convenient to think at last about preparing warm dishes.

How to choose the meat

The success of a pot or vio depends on two main points: the choice of ingredients and a very long cooking time. Ask the butcher for advice and mix at least three types of meat between these:

Scott (also called chuck) with its distinctive gelatinous streak is a piece of shoulder blade near the neck of beef.

rib plate It is a very tasty meat located at the end of the bone and wrapped in two thin layers of fat.

Nervous heel or galinite It is a beautiful piece of nut, nutty as its name suggests, and gelatinous. It is located at the Achilles heel of the bull. Despite prolonged pot or few cooking, its short fibers hold together well and can be minced to be eaten cold in salads.

ox tail, necessary for seasoning broth, is the caudal appendage of cattle. The delicious flesh that surrounds the small bones is also gelatinous: it lends itself perfectly to making a terrine or a drink. To prevent the meat from splattering in a pot or fio, it is advisable to tie it up (or ask a gentle butcher to do so).

TheTwins (not to be confused with his alter ego, twin steak) is a long fiber muscle that would easily weaken after prolonged cooking. It’s the perfect meat for making fillings, to incorporate into bolognese.

bone marrow Give personality to the broth. To taste the marrow after a very long cooking of the pot, it is advisable to cover the ends with two thick slices of carrots (of different colors, it is even nicer!) And connect each bone.

Preparation steps

The steps for making a pot or feu are simple and require nothing but patience: In a large saucepan, place about 2kg of meat for 6 people, cover generously with cold water, start to cook over low heat and until the broth boils, scraping patiently and regularly with the scraper (makes sense But important to select because you rarely choose the right tool!).

During this time, peel and chop the vegetables: shallots, celery, turnips, carrots but the originals oblige, also cabbage, tuberous parsley, cardoon or Jerusalem artichoke by gradually incorporating them according to the cooking time. Not to mention the horny bouquet and the large white onion studded with three cloves.

Briefly, 1 hour shivering with the meat, then after careful scraping, mix in a pinch of salt, peppercorns, bunch of cornstarch and studded onion. An hour of cooking with leeks and cabbage. An hour of cooking with carrots, celery and kale. 1 hour of cooking with tuberous parsley, cardoons, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes and marrow bones … always at a low boiling point.

Regional differences

Like all stews, the soup will be better if it is prepared the day before, and the broth in particular will be especially tasty. This wonderful symbolic dish of home and bourgeois cuisine also has regional variations. Thus, in the southwest, foie gras joins vegetables and meat; It is not uncommon for smoked sausage to be joined by a pot-au-feu in French-comtey, while in Briss it is a fine chicken associated with beef and pork.


the recipe

► Glorio’s de Pres stew

Cooking: recipes and tips for a successful stew

Enough for 6 people

1 braised chicken

1 kg of beef (rib dish, oxtail scooter)

1 thick slice of salted pork belly

6 bone marrow

1 garni bouquet

3 leeks

3 islands

1 kahlabi

3 turnips

1 small celery

3 large potatoes

2 onions

2 bay leaves

Fine salt and ground pepper

Prepare the vegetables and cook them separately in a large saucepan of salted water. Keep cooked vegetables on a plate. In the vegetable cooking water, add the garni bouquet, and submerge the beef. Simmer over low heat for two to three hours, scraping for a long time. Then add onions and peppers.

In another saucepan, with unsalted water and bay leaf, cook pork belly. An hour and a half before the end of cooking the meat, boil the chicken broth in the meat broth. Remove the pieces of meat while it is cooking. Boil the marrow bones. Cook the potatoes about thirty minutes before the meal.

Take some broth, shake it up a bit, and pour it into a large, easy-to-place saucepan in the middle of your table. Arrange the different steaks, the pork belly cut into thick slices as well as the shredded chicken and finally the vegetables. Bring the mixture to a boil, and reduce the heat to maintain a slight boil.

Bring Bryce’s poultry stew with cucumber, pearl onion, pickled cherries and mustard so everyone can season their plate to their taste.

Set the saucepan on the counter with very hot dishes, and a cup next to each guest for the broth.


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