Recipes for the work of September

Fruits and vegetables of the month

September bridges the gap between the end of the summer crop and the onset of fall flavors. In September, on the vegetable side, we still enjoy cucumbers, artichokes, peppers, green beans, eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini, but also fresh young shoots such as lettuce, watercress, watercress, spinach and aromatic herbs.

Fruits, melons, grapes, peaches, raspberries, currants, figs, raspberries, peaches and blackberries will brighten our menus all month long. If some are at the end of the season, others are just starting. We’re also seeing the return of apples, pears, and hazelnuts as well, which heralds the arrival of fall dessert recipes.

Also, September is the month richest in fruits and vegetables. So we take the opportunity to stock up and prepare for the cold days. Homemade Jams Frozen Tomato Ratatouille Colis Remember your freezer is a friend who wants you well, so we take the opportunity to cook up the summer flavors we can bring out in the middle of winter.

Back to school in full swing

In September, the main event remains the start of the school year. Whether it is at the beginning of the month for young and old pupils, the staff, or later for the students, this month marks the beginning of a new cycle, which goes hand in hand with desires for renovation in decor or cupboards. But it is also a good time to start or resume a sporting, artistic or cultural activity.
For all of this, but also to start off on the right foot after the often recurring summer excesses, we focus on a balanced diet. Thus, in addition to doing the logical good for your body, the right intakes also allow you to perform better on different levels. Omega-3 fatty fish, flaxseed oils, rapeseed and nuts for example contribute to the proper functioning of the brain, but also to memory, which will be in great demand as the cycles begin for some. Proteins strengthen immunity and provide necessary energy in the context of sports activity, just like carbohydrates, the primary fuel for the body that works at different levels, whether in the muscles, brain, or heart, than red blood cells.

Balanced eating means eating a little of everything, but above all diversifying your intake to make sure you don’t suffer from a deficiency at any level.

Recipes for a whole month

In September, you can still enjoy original salads full of vitamins; dishes without cooking when the temperature is too high; Or gourmet ice cream to cool off.

Also, inexpensive back to school recipes seem to be the perfect option to control your budget while having fun, as do budget family recipes, with generous amounts of dishes to share. It is known that it is better to cook a dish in large quantities that will last several days, than to buy each ingredient in small quantities for a particular recipe.

Likewise, forecasting the week’s menus allows both to manage future expenses as well as to organize meals according to planned activities and outings. Indeed, in September, music, singing and sports lessons resume, and the hours for cooking are reduced. Anticipation is the key to stopping stress!

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