Recipes: hare à la royale

If his recipe has as many versions as cooks, then there are a number of common ones: you need rabbit, foie gras, ham, fresh bacon, cognac, wine, garlic, leeks, vegetables, spices, rabbit blood.

Recipe by Sebastien Graffi, Head Chef at Restaurant Potoca in Paris:

Hare à la Royale by Christian – Les Carnets de Jolie

Hare à la royale by Paul Bocuse:

Ingredients :

Get a male rabbit, with red hair, of good French stock, weighing five to six pounds, killed clean enough not to lose a drop of blood.

Fatty seasoning: 3 or 4 tablespoons of goose fat, 125g of bacon, 125g of regular bacon.

Other seasonings and vegetables: 1 regular carrot, 4 medium onions, halfway between a chicken egg and a pigeon egg, 30 garlic cloves, 60 leek cloves, 4 cloves, 1 bay leaf, 1 thyme sprig, a few parsley leaves, salt And pepper.

– Liquids: 1/4 liter of good red wine vinegar, two bottles of Chamberlain wine, five or more years per bottle.


One rectangular piece of well packed copper, 20cm high, 35cm long, 20cm wide, with a tightly closed lid; add to the sauce; 1 chopper; 1 large deep dish; 1 colander 1 small boxwood pestle.

Protocol (6:30 of preparation):

– Skin and intestines of the rabbit. Apart from the heart, liver and lungs. Also keep, separately and with great care, the blood. Optionally, one can add, according to tradition, two or three small glasses of old and exquisite Charentes cognac.

Prepare 1 regular carrot, cut into quarters; 4 medium-sized onions, in each of which are cloves; 20 garlic cloves, 40 leek pods. 1 bunch garni, made up of half a fresh bay leaf, a sprig of thyme, a few parsley leaves.

. for example, 1:30 p.m., Cover the bottom and sides of the dobby with fine goose fat, then on the bottom of the dobby, spread a bed of bacon.

. cut the front quarters of the rabbit with the shoulders; Thus the neck and head are removed, and only the saddle and legs remain elongated. Then put the animal on the sorcery bed at full length, lying on its back. Then cover with fresh slices of bacon. All bosses are employed.

. Then add: carrots four pieces; 4 onions with cloves. 20 garlic cloves, 40 leek pods. Al-Qarni Bouquet.

. Pour over the rabbit a quart of good red wine vinegar, and a bottle and a half of good burgundy wine, four to five years into the bottle.

. Season with salt and pepper.

. at 2:00.The daubier is decorated in this way, covered with a lid and put on fire.

. Set the heat so that the rabbit cooks for three hours on a low, steady, continuous heat.

. First we chop very finely, taking each of the following 4 items in a row, chopping each one separately: 125 grams of bacon; Rabbit’s heart, liver and lungs. 10 cloves of garlic 20 cloves of leeks. Minced meat and garlic should be very soft. This is one of the prerequisites for the success of this dish.

The bacon, rabbit guts, garlic, and leeks have been minced in this way very finely and separately, combine everything together in a general grinder for the absolutely perfect combination.

Keep this ground beef.

. 5:00 p.m.Lift the sausage tray from the fire. carefully remove the rabbit; Put it on a plate. There, get rid of all the debris of barley, carrots, onions, garlic, and leeks that could contaminate it; Return this wreck to the daubière.

daub. Now take a large hollow plate and drain it. Then empty the contents of the daubier into the strainer placed over the large plate; Using a small wooden pestle, crush whatever was poured into the strainer to extract all the juice that makes up the choli in the large dish.

Mix the cole and minced meat. Now it’s time to use ground beef, which was the goal of the second process. Mix this ground beef with the chole. Warm up half a bottle of wine from the same origin in which the rabbit has already been cooked. Pour this wine into the chole and ground beef mixture, mix everything well.

. 5:30 p.m.Put the mixture back in the dauper, thus thinning the mixture with the cole, ground beef, and rabbit, with all the thigh bones or others that may have bled during the process. Place the dopper back on the stove, with low, continuous heat from bottom to top, for a second cook of 1 1/2 hours.

. 7:00 pmSince the excess fat, coming from the abundance (necessary) of bacon, makes it impossible to judge the progression of the sauce, now proceed to the first degreasing. In fact, the work will not be complete until the sauce has thickened enough to offer a consistency that approximates mashed potatoes; Not quite, however, because if we want it to be too thick, we’ll end up reducing it so much that there isn’t enough left to hydrate the (naturally very dry) rabbit meat.

So the degreased rabbit can continue to cook in this way, always over a very low heat, until the reserved blood has been added with the greatest care, as noted above.

. 7:45 pmbeing the sauce on the right track, the fourth and final process will make it final, pretty quickly.

Add rabbit blood. Now adding blood, the binding of the sauce is not only activated, but also acquires a beautiful brown color, and the more appetite, the darker its color. Blood should not be added more than a quarter of an hour before serving; In addition, it must be preceded by a second degreasing process.

Therefore, it goes down properly first; And then, without wasting a minute, we must deal with the rabbit’s blood.

1. Beat the blood with a fork until it becomes completely liquid if some parts are clotted.

2° Pour the blood over the sauce, taking care to print on the dopper, bottom to top and right to left, a back and forth motion that makes it evenly penetrate all the nooks and crannies in the container.

Then taste and add salt and pepper if necessary. Soon (a quarter of an hour maximum), get ready for service.

. 8:00 pmTake the hare of the daubier, whose shape has necessarily changed somewhat.

. In any case, in the middle of the serving plate, put everything that is still in a state of meat, – completely bare bones, now useless, are thrown away – and then, finally, around this beef in compote, put a wonderful sauce made with great care.

. Needless to say, to serve this hare, using a knife would be sacrilege, and a spoon is more than enough. »

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