Recipes have been changed without notifying consumers

When shortages of sunflower oil hit France at the start of the war in Ukraine, the situation was the same: the food industry was allowed to change recipes without actually informing consumers. This is now the case for poultry products because bird flu is affecting the supply of eggs and poultry.

Avian influenza causes a shortage of eggs and poultry

France has been facing, since November 2021, a bird flu epidemic that forces egg and poultry producers to destroy their production and kill animals. A real economic disaster for the farmers concerned and its extent is felt throughout the food production chain. Because in the absence of chicken and chicken, there are no by-products either.

Monday 29 August 2022 Therefore, the General Administration of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) has allowed temporary revenue changes to be made. Consumers, for their part, will not know exactly what they are going to eat because in order not to force manufacturers to change packaging, they will be adjusted on the sidelines.

Food: What changes can consumers expect in recipes?

The changes that manufacturers will make will be varied: Eggs, chickens and egg products are in a state of stress…but ducks and other poultry are also affected. Thus, duck-based products may contain a portion of chicken or chicken fat, depending on certain conditions (for a duck rillette, for example, at least 40% duck meat and 20% duck fat).

Eggs are replaced by substitutes, meat is substituted for others… Thus agricultural food products will change. And consumers will only know it by a small sign.

“Derog” or an explicit mention on packages?

As with sunflower oil, consumers will not be clear about the nature of the change, but not about some of the claims. In fact, DGCCRF provides that Exceptions should be made to the indications “No GMO”, “From Organic Farming” or even “Originated in France” and “Outdoor-Grown” placed on products, which are mentioned attesting to a particular quality,. Either by a label indicating exactly the change, or simply by masking the flag, which means it is no longer valid.

If this is not mentioned on the packaging, Then “DEROG” label should be pasted on the box Which will let the consumer know that the recipe has been changed, without knowing the details of the change.

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