Red lamb sheep meat from Beaune and Charles Coubelau

Wine: Domaine Fanny Sabre – Beautiful Clos des Renardes Red 2018

Bon – Burgundy
Price: 30.50 euros

In Pommard, in Côte D’Or, Viny Saber takes care of his small property as a garden. The family farm resumed in 2005, and it benefited at the beginning of the help of Philip Bakalite. From the beginning, she chose to make everything in the eyes. This leads it to the practice of ultra -precision chrome cultivation: the practice of biological treatment, plowing, installation of grass, and accurate control of yields and harvesting in green if necessary. In the cellar, it performs semi-carbonate fermentation processes as well as delicate extractions followed by direct aging in red wine barrels. The result ? Reserved freshness, bright fruit and real identity. If the daring winemaker works almost exclusively on small glasses, at most a few thousand bottles at most, each bottle is revealed as a pure expression of the land on which she works with passion. 17 cuffs are produced on seven names, in white and red (including the coffee pipe).

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Beaune Clos des Renardes in red has a particularly elegant and complex nose with notes of crushed wild strawberries, raspberries and delicate spices. The mouth is very refreshing and long, thanks to this explosion of red fruits. An aromatic bouquet and a sharp sip will enhance this delicious dish of lamb shank and shoulder garnished with miso, roasted onions and green asparagus.

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Recipe: infant lamb, Roskov onions, Misso and Hayyun Green

It is impossible to evoke the Charles Colombo road without connecting it to his wife Roxanan. They started working together at La Table Des Frères Ibarboure in 2012 (one Michelin Star), before training and mastery in Prés d’alugénie (3 stars), in Maison Lameloise (3 stars), in Japan, and finally in Gravetye Manor (1 Star) As a room director and head of chef. After 3 and a half years in England, they decided to return to France and join the house in the park to gradually take the direction, before they became the owners of the facility in July 2021. In 2022, the consecration of the first star was in the Michelin guide.

After discovering the cooking with Jean -Koso, Charles Kulombo soon proved himself as a chef with great talents. The first semi-finalist in the Chef of the Year competition, in 2020, the chef won the Taittinger International Author Cuisine Award after being awarded the Acorn the previous year, recognizing the 30 under 30 to pursue in the UK hospitality industry. In 2021, he also won the Prix Tremblin Le Chef, where he rewards the passion and design of young chefs. Roxanne and Charles advocate a generous, open-world cuisine that promotes local seasonal produce, in their best ripeness, for the best in taste, diversifying pleasures according to the seasons, and minimizing impact on the environment. The chef maintains close relationships with the producers in his area so that they know exactly his needs and requirements. A plant or animal, all its parts are used and flat, from nobility to least well -known. His inspiration calls Asia, especially his trips to Japan, not in products that remain French, but in applied kitchen techniques. It also gives us its copy of the shoulder and pieces of lamb that feed with milk with an Asian inspiration.

For sweets, to finish your drink: raspberry, lightning karek and and and Sing

Black berries, lightning Kriek and and and SingAt dessert time, the bun and its delicate texture of strawberries and cherries will pair nicely with panna cotta and amplify the freshness of Craig Sherbet. A perfect wedding for summer heat …

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