Riviera Cuisine Pro polishes its recipe for success

Global products, Côte d’Azur customers and a sense of tailored connection, here are the ingredients for the Riviera Cuisine Pro cocktail.

25 years of serving food on the counter, in a facility or as a private chef. But Pascal Burke finally switched to entrepreneurship, without moving away from his chosen field. Having established his first company with a partner, ten years ago, he launched on his own in 2017 and created Riviera Cuisine Pro. Based in Karos, the company specializes in the resale and installation of professional kitchens. The entrepreneur relies on his past as a restaurateur to form a special relationship with his customers. “We speak the same language, and I immediately see their difficulties regarding kitchen design‘, he explains.

Europe, and even the world…

Resold items come mainly from Europe (Germany and Italy), sometimes from slightly further afield, with some Japanese offerings. Among the main products, there are hood Made in Sophia Antipolis: It hit the market three years ago, destroys smoke, grease and odors thanks to an electrostatic system, ideal for restaurateurs who want to open a business without disturbing the neighborhood – or trustees – with odors, a product within the range that is part of a diversified offer to Somewhat. Although Côte d’Azur’s clients are still the vast majority (80%), its kitchens are sold throughout the PACA region. Pascal Burke works in the department with several institutions such as Pinède in Cap d’Ail or Estérel Plage in Juan-les-Pins.

Distinguished digital presence

To make himself known, the former restaurateur relies on word of mouth above all, but also on participation in several fairs, as a visitor or even an exhibitor, such as Agecotel (Nice), at the end of March 2022. Attendance often makes a difference in the annual sales volume, with There is a strong demand for quotations on the site. On the other hand, no digital presence: The fund’s website has been down, at least until the end of the year, not being able to guarantee production times. “What we can deliver in 15 days, now it takes two or three months to get it. I think there will be a return to normal within a year, not sooner“Covid period?”air pocket“For the company, which has recovered thanks to a state-guaranteed loan and several restaurants that have done renovations. With €500,000 in turnover for 2021 (compared to €400,000 before Covid), 2022 looks very interesting.

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