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Every week, that counts in tons. Six specifically. Spring rolls, samosas, donuts, accra, all kinds of fried products, with a variety of tastes, come from the Took Took factory in Saint-Martin-des-Champs. With 1800 tons of annual production, 3100 square meters of area and 52 employees, Took Took is a major player in the agri-food market in the Morlaix region. It is above all a must in selling industrial Asian food, a historical specialty of the factory.

family factory

Initially founded in Henvic in 1993 by Jean Pierre Le Roux, Took Took moved to the industrial park of Keriven in Saint-Martin-des-Champs in 2002. A year later, Norac bought it and it became one of twelve subsidiaries of the agri-food group . Since 2020 and the creation of the joint entity Premium Food Solutions (PFS) with four other Norac production sites, “Took Took is no longer a brand but only the name of the factory,” its director, Vincien Rohmer, explained. The latter, in force since 2017, follows a policy of expansion, both for product presentation and site layout. “If we could, we would make a double plant,” joked, or roughly, Frédéric Garnier, CEO of PFS. If the recipe is good, then Vincienne Rohmer does not want to deny the “family aspect”. “Here we are cooking, not making,” she says.

Took Took products are placed in trays before being stored in cartons produced in Carhaix. (The Telegram / Morgan Kervestin)

Create 20 permanent contracts by 2024

In order to have the means to realize their ambitions, Took Took has just completed an expansion of 600 square metres, priced at €3 million. Target ? We welcome a fourth production line. To do this, the factory received a grant of 80,000 euros from the Brittany region. “Support going in the direction of job creation,” explains Lawrence Fortin, District Vice President for Economics and Travel to the site Wednesday, May 11, 2022. In fact, after an increase in activity that would as a result, Took Took announced the creation of 20 permanent jobs by May 2024, including the hiring of seven people away from employment. If Vincienne Rohmer wants to “give work to those without a background”, she understands that “the more things go, the more people have a hard time facing the limitations of the industry.” Frédéric Garnier does not rule out that “in the long run, we can stop offering night work”.

Took Took Factory leaves about 1,800 tons of products every year.
Took Took Factory leaves about 1,800 tons of products every year. (The Telegram / Morgan Kervestin)

“Vegetables are at the heart of our evolution”

In addition to the social aspect, there is also the territorial aspect. “The cardboard comes from Carhaix”, “the vegetables are from Gourin”, for example confirms Vincien Rohmer. And she adds, “We try as much as possible to think in French, even if we see the borders with the Corona virus.” Local supply is also a selling point with the local authorities, a customer of the factory along with supermarkets, snack shops, collective and commercial restaurants. With the market being “too trendy” according to Frédéric Garnier, Took Took also intends to offer more vegan products to its customers, which are in vogue today. “Vegetables are the core of our evolution,” says the director. “But we want it to make sense, we’re not into imitation steak,” adds Frédéric Garnier.

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