Saint-Pierre d’Europe. The most beautiful parties marred the stings and stole the recipe for three days

The stings were carried out on the evening of Saturday 25 June 2022 during the Saint-Pierre d’Europe festivities. (© Basque Country News)

everybody collect money during the Saint-Pierre d’Europe holidayswhich was held from June 24 to June 26, was Stolen from Xaia’s house In the town hall square. The theft It was held in the early morning of Monday 27 June 2022.

He stole 27,000 euros

The thieves did not hesitate to lock the door of the Festival Committee building between 7 am and 10 am on Monday 27 June 2022. The holiday recipe has completely disappeared, the damage amounting to € 27,000.

We were unfortunately and cowardly robbed this morning at dawn and took all the money raised during the 2022 edition of Saint-Pierre d’Europe festivities.

Pierre DuhaldePresident of the Saint-Pierre d’Europe Festival Committee

A police complaint was filed. Police have already collected images from surveillance cameras as well as testimonies. Fingerprints were taken at the scene.

Six bites

Six personnes ont été victimes de piqûres durant ces fêtes dans la soirée du samedi 25 juin 2022. ‘Between them. Pierre Duhalde, head of the festival committee, explained that according to his information there have been no drug injections in the cases he has, to the best of his knowledge.

Some people want to harm the holidays but we have a bright future thanks to the committee members, residents and the municipality who are doing their best to make the holidays go well.

Pierre DuhaldePresident of the Saint-Pierre d’Europe Festival Committee

“Great Holidays”

Despite these isolated cases, Pierre Duhalde still would like to thank all the heroes who made it possible to conduct these three days of celebration. “Over the course of three days of programming, we only remember two hours of bad things,” said the head of the festival committee.

These events sadden us because we don’t want bites and burglaries to be kept only from our celebrations. We’ve had great feedback telling us that the squad has been excellent this year.”

Pierre DuhaldePresident of the Saint-Pierre d’Europe Festival Committee

In fact, people were there during these three days. The assortment has delighted young and old alike with bands such as Huntza, Esne Beltza and many others.

call witnesses

We’re part of the first party of the summer, and we’re a test run.

Pierre DuhaldePresident of the Saint-Pierre d’Europe Festival Committee

Festival committee members are pleading with witnesses to see if people have seen “suspicious movement” around Xaia’s home on City Hall Square.

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Community Festival Committee The offender is calling for the money to be returned anonymously to the town hall or to a specific location and we will not prosecute him. »

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