Sampaoli and Ronger provide a recipe for defeating Paris Saint-Germain

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A clash between the two leaders of the French championship, a duel between two historical rivals, an opposition between two tacticians from Argentina. This is the closing program for the 32nd day of Ligue 1 this Sunday at 8:45 pm. Up front in the standings, Paris Saint-Germain welcome Olympique de Marseille, their runners-up, which they top by twelve lengths, and in the den of the Parc des Princes, Kylian Mbappé’s teammates will necessarily be eager to shine against them. archenemy. But the mission promises to be tough against OM who have just qualified for the semi-finals of the European League Conference and are backed by an impressive streak of 8 wins in all competitions.

In a press conference on Saturday, Jorge Sampaoli and Valentin Ronger also unleashed that shock by offering the ingredients necessary to beat the Parisian ghoul, according to them. “It is possible to maintain our game philosophy against PSG, and we will talk about that on Sunday night, but I think it is possible. Paris do not like to chase the ball, so if we can deny them the ball, I think it is the best way to play and understand this game.The Marseille midfielder initially announced that he was determined to confiscate the ball on Parisian soil. Ambitious possession as stated in the Argentine technical speech.

OM you want to reign in the Parc des Princes!

“We hope to have a worthwhile match against an opponent who is very complex and has a lot of scoring possibilities with his many top players. We will try to manage different situations, controlling the ball against a team that also wants to get the ball. We hope to play a good game and use our emotions to deliver a performance. good “.So confirmed the former coach of Albiceleste before he said more about the intentions of the Marseille match in the Parc des Princes.

“The combination of moving and possession depends on the opponent. We adapt to the matches, like against PAOK. Sometimes we have to get rid of long balls, with high rebounds and transfers. […] On Sunday it will be in similar style (like PAOK) but with much better players than those we faced on Thursday. PSG will also fall faster, they are much better at this level. In this game, if we don’t have control of the ball, if we don’t defend with the ball and we defend very low without the ball, then I almost want to say we wouldn’t have a chance., finally warned the 62-year-old technician. The big challenge that Jorge Sampaoli’s men seem ready to take on today, are the ones who also beat Parisian dirt in September 2020 (1-0) before taking a point early in the season (0-0).

“We are 200% excited for this match but like all the other matches we will take 3 points. There was a good result with Rennes defeat to Monaco but we are not going there thinking we can relax, far from it we are going there without pressure but we are going there. To keep our playing philosophy and have a good game.. not playing thinking we will delay them in the title, we will go there with the goal of getting a result and being calmer about second place.the former resident of Nantes concluded, far from impressed by the idea of ​​crossing swords with Kylian Mbappé, glistening for months under a Parisian tunic: “Mbappe? He’s not a nightmare, he’s a very great player, we defend him differently because we know his speed but the whole team has to focus and defend together like in the first leg to get a result.. The intent of the game has been set, and now a place to view.

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