Seine-et-Marne: At 84, Danielle and Lucien found the recipe for love

Danielle and Lucien Livio celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in La Rochette © DC / RSM77

celebrate them 60 years of marriage. A party was held in the town hall La Rochette (Seine-et-Marne) To celebrate the anniversary of their diamond marriage to 84-year-old Danielle and Lucien Livio. This moment, celebrated by Mayor Pierre Evraud and his assistant Christine Hugo, allowed to honor the couple who have lived in La Rochette for 55 years.

Danielle and Lucien celebrated their diamond wedding

A glimmer of hope for couples when statistics show that one out of every two marriages in France ends in divorce. So what is a file love recipe ? Danielle Levio insists: “I think you have to constantly compromise. But we’ve both been too busy with our respective jobs.”

She was in particular the deputy director of CPAM in the North and commutes every week from Seine-et-Marne. Her husband was a cook in the national education and was in particular responsible at the municipal vocational high school as well as at Saint-Fargo-Pontieri, at the François Villon high school.

The two lovebirds were also heavily involved in local life. Notably, Danielle Livio was elected to a 25-year term in La Rochette, as municipal councilor and cultural aide.

“I’ve also been president of the Center for Sports Medicine in La Rochette, which was set up by Renee Howard and president of the Friends of Mellon Museum,” she says. She has also been involved with Friends of the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame de Mellon (Anoda), Friends of the History of La Rochet and Friends of the Mellon Organ.

The date is set for 2032

Meanwhile, her husband was heavily involved in Rochettoise Sports Association (ASR) and Melun Judo Club. “He was a student by Jay Robardette (Disappeared club number 2020, editor’s note) I often broke some ribs,” she jokes.

From their union two sons were born: Ludovic and Olivier. See you in 2032 for our platinum wedding anniversary.

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