Sen et al. Marne. Tennis is not a recipe

Tennis at Château-Landon © JF Bessey

In the evening, after completing his day at the sales, Christophe Gibault, who is forty years old with a shaven head and a well-manicured little beard, settles down at the ESCL Tennis Club, Entente sportive de Château-Landon (Seine- et-Marne) and contemplates the tennis courts abandoned. “It’s hopeless,” laments this president in office for four years. He is counting on the upcoming tennis tournament he is organizing from September 3-18 to breathe new life into this club located in the Parc de la Tabarderie, with a view of the magnificent city walls.

drop in membership

Despite the great environment, courts (three porous and one clay) and low prices, tennis doesn’t attract crowds. We’re a long way from the era of Yannick Noah’s 1983 Roland Garros victory and the massive boom that caused in the months and years that followed. “In the time of President Henri Gancelmy, we were shooting with 150 members, almost all of them Parisians. Today, we have fallen to 40 memberships. The club has lost a lot of its vitality,” laments Christophe Gibault. However, the fifth land, which was returned to the municipality, is free. But on this court with its crumbling surface and slack net, we see more young people playing ball than tennis players! Not enough to inspire beginners. So all ideas are welcome. The club, which lacks the means to develop, hopes to set up free initiatives for primary and secondary school children, but the project appears to be stalled at the moment, without explanation.

Hope for renewal

Disputed for five years, the tournament on September 3e and 4e The categories will therefore revitalize the club, which on this occasion will open its club with closed doors in general. “We hope there will be 70 female players and 20 female players, it will be a great tennis celebration,” the president said. And for the occasion, the club’s best player, Hugo Stranaert, seeded 15/3, is set to win the title and win some modest winnings distributed.

Information: ESCL Tennis: 4, rue de la Cave Calot. Such as. : 06 98 16 96 96. Prices: 10 euros / hour for pitches and 15 euros / hour for clay. Annual membership: 110 euros for an adult and 40 euros for a child.

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