Sen et al. Marne. Using cars as a recipe for burning fuel?

Seine-et-Marne has more than 320 car sharing places (© Grégory Maucorps / Freedom the free man)

It fills up little by little, week by week. to me Maison Rouge (Seine et Marne)a village of 880 inhabitants located on RD619At the beginning of the year, the car sharing area was created.

financed Provinoi Municipalities Community sponsored Sein et Marne departmentOpened in January 2022 on the strategic axis Melun-Nangis-Provins. After a slow start, the 45-seat structure attracts:

She is getting older. After the decline in remote work and with the rise in fuel prices, car use is on the rise again. Approximately twenty vehicles park each day in the car sharing area where buses connect to Nangis Station. People find themselves on national platforms and specialized groups on social networks.

Pierre ComartinMayor of the House (Sean et Marne)

On the Facebook page “Carpooling Seine-et-Marne 77”, which has 180 members, there are a lot of suggestions for excursions. Dynamic is also observed by Karos . appwho specializes in shared car use for short distances: “Since March 1, there has been a 91% increase in registrations in France, +68% in shared car use, and up to +221% in shared car use for the first time,” explains The platform has nearly 600,000 subscribers.

Four new areas are under study

Daily BlaBlaCarThe home-to-work car-sharing platform BlaBlaCar has hit its peak in France. Over the past six months, 500,000 new members have signed up, and the number of rides offered in Ile-de-France has increased by 294% since September 2021. According to BlaBlaCar, monorth of Seine-et-Marne, it will be until 3And the A city in Ile-de-France that has more than carpools.

In the rural south of Seine-et-Marne, we are also organised. When there is no fuel price hike, it is the lack of public transportation that encourages the use of shared cars. Murielle Mignac, director of Cos Mas Vallée du Lunain, started in Nanteau-sur-Lunain, near Nemours, several years ago:

Two to three escorts in Mas. We organize in the neighborhood or people who take the same route, and we adjust schedules so that people who use carpools have the same cycle of work.

Muriel MiniacDirector of Cos Mas Vallée du Lunain, in Nanteau-sur-Lunain

In Seine-et-Marne, apart from the local car-sharing areas, 21 stations are equipped or equipped by the administration, that is, approximately 320 parking spaces and 30 bicycle spaces.

The section concludes that “the establishment of other stations is under consideration. At Bernay-Vilbert, Nemours, Yèbles-Guignes, or even Sammeron.”

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