Senator Maralpine’s plan to protect our local recipes [Exclusif]


[5 QUESTIONS À…] On Thursday, Alpes-Maritimes Senator Alexandra Borchio-Fontimp (Les Républicains) will present to the media his plan of action to protect regional dishes. This Monday, July 18, the main lines of . revealed Nice Pressafter exchanging with several groups very committed to the file.

1. What is the problem that your initiative intends to address?

I don’t want to pass it on to local shopkeepers and restaurateurs who are already struggling enough and generally trying to do it right.

The observation is that the agri-food industry is using the popularity of some very popular dishes, such as Niçoise salad or pan bagnat, by transforming the recipe in a disrespectful way.

At a time when we’re talking more than ever about “good eating”, short-circuiting, it makes sense and above all the long-overdue result of providing real legal protection for our traditional recipes.

“There must be an awareness of preserving the territory and identity of France”

2. Who did you work with?

Thimothée Fringans-Ozanne called me from the association TokaloyAnd the Frank Viano and the Lovely group kitchen – who have worked on this subject in depth for years – as a Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Regional Tourism Commission (CRT) Côte d’Azur France.

I have always considered our cuisine and recipes to be the indisputable assets of our national and regional heritage. France is many local identities that must be respected and protected.

Côte d’Azur is also famous for its local cuisine. There is a real craze for culinary arts. It is my role to contribute to making it shine in all its originality.

3. What do you intend to do?

Before embarking on a somewhat inconvenient bill, I wanted to challenge the government via a written question (what do you intend to do on the subject? Full text here, editor’s note) that asks it to provide an answer within a fairly short period of time.

It is important to emphasize that there will be no “royalties”, no one owns these recipes.

The idea is protection, not punishment. Acting in a manner of teaching and dialogue can change bad habits.

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4. If there is no penalty, manufacturers will do whatever they want…

I’m not here to put myself as a kitchen policewoman and issue fines. Raising awareness can work.

The first step is to raise awareness of the importance of respecting our heritage, beyond the purely financial logic of substituting one food for another with the goal of profitability.

If this does not change, we will likely propose a whole legislative arsenal, with sanctions, to further protect the culinary arts, and the identity of our departments.

5. What support in Parliament?

I am convinced that as many Senators as possible, of all parties, will support the Common Sense Initiative. The Senate is the regional chamber. Each of my colleagues strives to preserve traditions.

I can count on him in the National Assembly Eric Siotti And the Christelle d’Anturni.

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